Food Technnology: Invasion of Malunggay Bread


                   Filipinos are known to be a good eater. We love to eat whenever and wherever we want to. When it comes in food, we are always on-the-go. We eat foods to satisfy our cravings. We culturally love eating carbohydrates such as rice and bread. As they say, we are easily tempted by foods of different tastes. It may be expensive or affordable, typical or exotic, and nutritious or not. We are easily pleased no matter how the packaging looks like. We even spend time on cooking our favorite meals for the family and even spare time in baking delicacies that we want to eat if we have time or when we are at home. Indeed, foods are not just a need for us but as well as an interests.Nowadays, people find alternative ways on eating nutritious food. In our daily lives, we need to acquire the kind of nutrients that our body needs in order for us to do things and to execute our works every day.  There are many ways in getting nutrients and vitamins. We may eat menus with vegetables and fruits, we may take vitamins or whatever supplement that we want or simply drink a lot of water just to gain and regain nutrients in our body.

                There are a lot of vegetables out there with different colours, sizes, shapes, taste and nutrients but one veggie stands out. What is it? It is the famous and very nutritious Malunggay. It is also known as Miracle Tree  for its every part, as the leaves, fruits, flowers, roots and bark of the tree can be used in many ways. It’s not only a medicine but as well as a great sources of many nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Protein, Potassium, and also Amino acid and many more . Many experts considered Malunggay as seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein in milk and three times the potassium in bananas. According to the article of Artie Sy of SunStar on October 2012, featured Malunggay as a humble tree, it is also said to balance sugar levels, hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes. With the consumption of malunggay in the daily diet pattern, the body’s natural defence mechanism increases. Many people face problems of high cholesterol regardless of their age and status. Malunggay helps us in balancing the cholesterol levels in our body.

            With the new technology and modernization, people also find ways to even maximize the use of Malunggay. Many experimentation in food making was done using malunggay leaves and other parts of it. One of the experiments in food making that they have made was the introduction of Malunggay as a flavor of bread. It was mix with the typical ingredients of bread and here we go, the new more nutritious and more savory bread was made for consumers, especially for bread lovers. Every early morning, Filipinos make it a habit to buy bread from sari-sari bread store or panaderia since we are fond of eating bread as replacement in eating rice. Some people also sell it through house to house using their bicycles or motorcycles. From that point, eating bread however becomes part of our daily food intake for most Filipinos.

                 As malunggay bread was introduced and commercialize here in our country, some concerned Government department like Department of Health (DOH), National Food Authority (NFA), Beaurue of Food and Drugs (BFAD), Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and etc. it was highly approved by the government departments mentioned and was also recommended as a good product that offers high nutrition value for all sector of consumers including children. It is also good to know that malunggay is abundantly available and inexpensive in our country and even can be planted in our own backyards. It is also one way of promoting inexpensive ingredient if ever we decided to use it in cooking and in baking bread or the malunggay bread. Eating bread is never that nutritious until ”Malunggay Bread” was made possible.

        I am not a bread lover but I am a malunggay lover. I really love to eat this vegetable especially when it is mixed with other vegetables as our viand. I even tasted a pasta with malunggay as its ingredient at one of the restaurant here in Iloilo, I appreciated it and even enjoyed eating that recipe. Actually, I haven’t imagine eating bread made of malunggay until my sister, whose working as a high school teacher at one of the famous private school in Iloilo, gave me a bread and told me that it’s made up of malunggay. She even mentioned that it was from his student who wanted to promote their family business product since it was Nutrition Month Celebration. I was surprise and told myself that I have to taste it. It was good and better than I expected. Indeed, I’m really now a certified malunggay eater / malunggay lover! As I do my other readings, interviews and research about this malunggay bread invasion, I successfully found one of the bakery thatoffers Malunggay Bread.  As I reached Leganes, where UNG BAKESHOP is located, I was able to prove to myself that Malunggay bread of UNG BAKESHOP is really famous in their place because even pedicab drivers know it and tastes it already. The UNG BAKESHOP located at Leganes and owned by Tareno family. For almost 20 years, they make quality products and just on July 2013, they decided and invented a new product, the Malunggay Bread. I was given a chance to talk with the owners and on how they came up with this Malunggay Bread. At first, Mr. Ulysses Toreno wanted to experiment on having a new product with a twist and Mrs. Nenia Toreno  added that what if they will use malunggay leaves to their typical bread to make it more nutritious. It was first tasted by their workers and themselves too. Luckily, people of Leganes and their other existing costumers loved the taste of it. It was just a three month old product and still counting for many months and years to come. . Malunggay Bread already invaded Leganes and working to make a big name in the province of Iloilo and Iloilo City with malunggay bread as its instrument.

            One of the workers named Renan Bangonon, a 25 years old worker and worked for almost 8 years  in UNG BAKESHOP shared the ingredients needed in making malunggay bread as well as the equipments and machines used in baking it.

            For the readers out there who wants to have a bite of the malunggay bread, here’s the ingredients and a way on how to prepare your very own nutritious malunggay bread at home. Let’s explore the cooking of the wonderful plant for I have given you such scientific and purposive information about the malunggay. All I have mentioned were all true and exactly what we should believe in. So try to explore your kitchen!


  • 3 kilo of first class flour                                                                                      
  • ¾ refined sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 40 grams of salt
  • 40 grams of skim milk
  • ¼ lard (for shortening)
  • 50 grams yeast                                                                  
  • 720 grams of water
  • And 80 grams of Malunggay leaves


  • Roller
  • Oven
  • Slicer
  • Mixer
  • Stand used for plate
  • Plate or Tray


  • Mix flour, powdered milk, yeast in a clean bowl.
  • Combine malunggay, salt and sugar in water in another clean bowl.
  • Put water into a flour mixture and mix it well until it is hydrated properly.
  • Add the lard for shortening and roll it until elastic and smooth.
  • Allow the mixture or dough to rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Divide dough equally. Use a weighting scale to have same weight in every piece.
  • Cut it into rectangular size or into desired sizes according to you.
  • Roll the dough until the structure is okay and ready to be bake.
  • Bake at a preheated oven (350F) for 20-25 minutes.
  • Do your packaging (for business purpose).

Image           She added that in every other day, they produced 110 or more malunggay bread excluding fixed deliveries. For only 5php retailed price, you can already grab a bite of the nutritious malunggay bread of UNG BAKESHOP.

               Imagine how it tastes especially when it’s hot and placed in table with hot coffee or chocolate drink during breakfast as what most Filipinos wanted to eat during early morning.  Love the taste of one of kind malunggay bread especially made for Filipinos like you. Enjoy every bite you make while gaining nutrients and vitamins. It is a two in one product made for the health and for consumption. Being full and at the same time being healthy.


Photo by hennamarieduenas

Malunggay Bread of UNG BAKESHOP

Try the nutritious Malunggay Bread now!



Technology in Sustaining Hablon Products

As modern technologies have taken place workers, tend to do their job easier where they could save time and energy than traditional one. Technologies could do many more products to produce to the consumers in just a short period. The Global-market depends on the fast cycle of products that technology could do. Local textile industry must put forth more effort to produce more textile products so that they will sustain their numbers of production, which is tough competition to prevail.

The question is how could traditional technology helps to sustain their textile business?pic1

Loom or Tiral in local term is a tool used to weave cloth out of the fabric by weaving yarn or thread’s strands together at the right angle. Weaving is a production fabric interlacing two sets of yarn so that they crossed each other accomplished with manually or machine assisted loom.

Mary Ann Montagon, loom weaver, explained the process involves in making Hablon Products on how they sustained their fabrication value. To understand the procedure, here are the processes on producing fabric.

Preparing a Hablon weave takes about two hours, preparing for the materials that are need from designing, preparing loom and threads, hand loom weaving, and warping threads to hablon cloth.

Warping -the arranging of the yarn longitudinal that must be very strong.

The weft yarn it is the binding of the warp threads at either until a desired size has reach.

-after the warp is stretched , raising every alternate warp yarn or set of yarns to receive the weft; picking for inserting the weft; and battening for pressing the weft to make the fabric compact. Involve tying the ends of the warp yarn to create tassels or securing these ends in an attractive fashion.pic5 pic4

Each member of the Hablon loom weaver can make 4-5 meters a day, 20- 25 meters per week depend on their capacity to do so. Because of the good quality that they produced, many tourists approach to order some of their products. Buyers preferred made-to-order hablon cloth. Usually their buyers are the schools for their school uniforms, government offices for their office uniforms. Many customers love and trusted their products. That is why when someone asks, looking for the quality made textile, somebody would refer you to Hablon Products.

pic8Using the traditional technology or loom they do more produce and improved their products by making quality made Hablon products. Hablon products sort from barongs, gowns, bags, handkerchiefs, belts, shawls, pillowcases, lamp sheets, pouches. They even show up their gowns on pic2fashion shows. That is why loom weaver people extend some efforts and patience to produce more quality products to their customers. Since they are the members of the cooperative, the profit they will get, will go to them.

In addition, weaving progress in Miag-ao could give a chance to women who do not have a job.


However, due to the increase of demand in the textile industry, the need for clothing and other usage of textile are getting higher. The limited financial capacity for Hablon would also limit their opportunities to produce more products. Given the fact that Hablon Products are done manually. Global market would desire fast production for the products and technology plays a major role to produce massive products.

Modern Technology for Textile Industry

Traditional work in the textile should manually be done by handwork since it is a tradition it must supposed to be done manu-mano which a man should do the job. Now living in the modern world where people tend to lived their life to the technology that could give them ease on their life. Thus ranging of new machines in textile industry give a threat to the employment of local textile industry, in the sense that traditional weaving takes a lot of time and effort to finish their products, before they could finish their cloth, machines have already done to produce more products. Modern textile industry could do a lot of job in just short span of time and could give the global consumers’ need. Equivalent of this is a slow market of local or traditional textile industry and less income for the family and community that could benefit from it.

Only few people could benefit from the technology as the machines doing all the process. The artistic sense of human creative mind is slowly diminishing when it comes to embroidering, designing, etc.

What will happen if the machines will do all the work of man? As states in Kahlil Gibran “On Work”, you fulfill a part of earth’s further dream.  In addition, the purpose of a man on earth is to work, not the machines will. We cannot deny the fact that modern technology textiles could do a big a favor when it comes to the production of the fabrics that the world need. They could supply a large number of fabrics, however, the numbers of people who work on the machines are lesser compare if they do the traditional way. Traditional weaving could also build a weaving community and could provide self-employment. Modern technology consumes a higher electric energy that cost expensive capital compare to the earnings of a person who works on the technology.

However, machine assisted textiles give quantitative products compare to the traditional or manual weaving of cloth. It gives different kind of designs, since the designs are technically pattern to the computer and the machine will do the rest.

Traditional Technology on Improving Hablon Products

pic7To improve the products of hablon using the traditional technology they make sure that they are using the best materials that will not disappoint their customers, before they become loom weaver they have a seminar in which, the Girls are usually brought to the production center, and taught by older weavers to do loom weaving.

When they already know how to weave, they may replace their mothers. Older

women weavers then tend to be contented about the educational pursuit of theirpic3

daughters since after high school, they are expected to substitute them at work and become providers for the family.

Hand weaving used to be much more popular before the invention of the modern technology. Traditional technology on weaving or they called it Tiral in local dialect, used to weave cloth. The basic purpose of it is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving

of the weft threads. It helps to improve the process of weaving since it is essential to reduce breakage and the hairiness of yarn will decrease.

The impact of increased competition and expansion of modern textile industry, the level of operation in handloom sector has declined.

High-end clients such as local and international fashion designers and boutiques value the crafts manship and fine texture of Miag-ao hablon products. These qualities enable most Miag-ao hablon producers to command higher market prices.


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3G Taxi Roaming around Iloilo City streets: The City Of Love

During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts.

~David Bohm

According to one of the famous scientists, Thomas A. Edison, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

In this modern generation and third world country, we are now entering the world of new modern technologies and new inventions. For so many years we only hear new inventions are being invented in the Western part of the world, in Japan and in South Korea. Now inventions are existing from every country of the world. Some we might hear on news but some are hidden and waiting to be discovered. For so many years, professionals are popular in making new inventions and now students are entering the world of new inventions and waiting to be called new inventors of the century. Philippines as one of the developing countries, we Filipinos are so proud because some of our fellowmen are on the line of famous inventors. Contests of new local inventions are rising up everywhere and all ages are eager to join the said competitions. Organizations and schools also organize exhibits of new local inventions. This is to inspire and encourage people to try out and make new inventions and out of that new invention it can be called one of the new modern technology of the century. Some children ages 10-15 are joining local inventions contests. This is to prove that making new inventions are for all ages. This inventions can be of great help to the next generations to come and this is to testify how smart and imaginable their forefathers are. Just like what Thomas Edison said, simple inventions can be made up out of simple and junk things, in short being resourceful and of course with a help of a little imagination. Each and every one of us is using technologies to make our life and work a little bit easier. One of these new modern technologies is the WiFi or Wireless Fidelity, Wireless Internet.

With this new modern technology, people can now connect their phones, laptops and tabs using WiFi anytime, anywhere without using usb cords anymore. Some uses pocket WiFi or routers at home or maybe in schools, offices and business firms.

A lot of businesses today are related to WiFi connections. Especially celphone companies who makes WiFi access phones as one of their biggest businesses. This business is a very big boom to the people. A lot of people are wondering where did WiFi originated and what does it really means? Wi-Fi, also spelled Wifi or WiFi, is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelesslyusing radio waves

Most companies, restaurants, fast food chains, even schools and offices are now WiFi areas so are buses. Another first in the country, Mr. Rhodney Uy’s 3G Taxi is the new talk in town and a new transportation in the city’s culture. But here in Iloilo City, a unique taxi cab is roaming around the the City of Love’s historical streets. This taxi cab is not just an ordinary vehicle like what we used to ride when jeepneys are so full of passengers. This a 3G Taxi in which it has free WiFi connection.

3G Taxi is the first taxi cab in the Philippines with free WiFi. The interior is so ordinary but it is cozy and new.




Businessman Rhodney Uy might be trivial compared to owners of known taxi fleet in this city, but he offered a service which they have not. The 3G Taxi is owned by Mr. Rhodney Uy, a businessman. He owns the unit and at the same time he drives it. Mr. Uy’s concept about this WiFi zoned taxi cab started last December 2012 but it started plying the city streets in February 1, 2013.

IMG00458 IMG00457

When I asked Mr. Rhodney Uy why he invented this kind of taxi, “The taxi is a way of life to the Ilonggos and to people who comes to visit the city. I just want to be different from other taxi services”.

Everytime he drives the unit, he hears 95% of positive feed backs. It is a trial run to see how people accept this idea. With encouraging responses from and positive feed backs from different sectors and passengers, this entrepreneur plans to expand his business by adding more units still with WiFi connections. According to Iloilo Daily, Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog welcomed the development saying the improvement of transport services in the metropolis will help boost the city’s tourism promotions.


The 3G Taxi is very convenient and a great help to passengers like professionals, students and especially tourists. Example is clicking a specific website from your gadget to convert dollars to peso or any other currency to peso. Teens were also so amazed of what the 3G Taxi has to offer. It’s as if they don’t want to get out of the taxi because of the comfort inside and also because of the free WiFi.

The flag down rate is still Php 40.00 because WiFi is free.

The idea of having a free internet access on taxis first originated in Madrid when Vodafone Spain sponsored the WiFi connection where Spaniards and tourists need not to watch an advertisement, they just had to use a password given by the taxi driver, which allowed them to access the web.

In London, with the use of both 3G and 4G technology, passengers were able to have a free Internet browsing, to watch a 15 second ad for every 15 minutes of access.

Later, Japan also kicked off the “WiFi everywhere” service subsidized by DoComo to the 820 cabs from the biggest and largest taxi company in Japan- the Tokyo Musen Cooperative.

Benefits of WiFi on board is that you’re able to offer high-speed wireless Internet access for your passengers easily for them not to get bored while they’re on their way to their destination they want to go.

If you’re stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic, why not try opening your gadgets and connect it to the free WiFi service of the 3G Taxi for the mean time. Instead of getting bored and murmuring why you were stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic, you’ll get entertained and instead of having a bad day just wish yourself a happy day.

So what are you waiting for?

Be among to connect online… on the road!.

Photos by: Leana Jan C. Candoleta

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Peso-Net: new technology for a fast changing world

ASIA owns the biggest chunk in the pie of internet users in the world and Philippines is known to be as the top 6 among Asia’s highest internet users. There is an estimated 25,307,800 pinoys Facebook users. Majority of internet users in the country are young people, the school and internet cafe remains as the most popular access point especially among men and women. However, more male Internet users access the Internet from their homes and an average at least 14 hours a week the Internet user goes online because of e-mailing, browsing, instant messaging, accessing entertainment information, and reading news and it is the most popular Internet activities of a Filipino Internet user.

Nowadays, people in our country especially young people engage in using high technology devices such as laptops, tablets, and other new technology that are existing as years pass by. They usually go into the trending devices that have been invented yearly. By engaging into this kind of technology they could make their lives easier in making their tasks and even in communicating with other people specifically to their relatives and friends that are outside the country by utilizing computer with an internet connection. Through technology people will be able to fulfill their wants as they utilize into new gadgets like smartphones and android phones that could be helpful to some of them because of the accessibility and affordability when they use it.

Internet shops are the most popular business in the Philippines because it offers computer rentals with internet connection. Since Internet is being one of the necessities of many people these days, they are finding a shop wherein they can rent internet and computer because they don’t have it at home. One of those new discovered technology that has been a substitute to internet shops that offers a cheaper amount of money to indulge into internet which is known in the Philippines and it is literally called by the people as the Peso-Net or Hulog-hulog internet.

Peso-net is basically a merging of PC and Arcade rental service and it is a computer mounted and assembled in a wooden safe box wherein customers can pay the services by inserting coins to the machine. The rate is typically 4minutes per peso which also amounts to the typical Internet cafes rate of P15 per hour. This rate can be tweaked higher or lower either to be more competitive and entice customers or gain more income by decreasing the minutes per peso. With Peso-peso internet or hulog-hulog internet you can browse, stream videos and sounds, and play online games. But Peso-Net has been known first in Metro Manila in the early 2010 which was actually started as a business. But this new discovered technology has been widely spread all over the Philippines especially here in Iloilo City which was actually adopted immediately by the people. One of those places which had operating this kind of technology is in Jaro, Iloilo City, in which they have more or less 7 units of Peso-net which has a timer that is set in 6 minutes per one peso but it’s just similar as to the first setup of Peso-net which is 4 minutes per one peso.

The peso-net is compose of a monitor, CPU, an avr, a keyboard, a mouse, a timer, and a coin slot.

The peso-net is compose of a monitor, CPU, an avr, a keyboard, a mouse like a PC set but it has a timer, and a coin slot

These are the units of Peso-net that is located in Jaro, Iloilo City

These are the units of Peso-net that is located in Jaro, Iloilo City

The setup is rather simple with the bare PC parts are inside a wooden box similar to that of an Arcade machine or Videoke machine. Much like the Arcade machine, it is activated by inserting coin/s which triggers the machine. Once the time is consumed, the machine cuts off the display and will resume when a coin is inserted again. The bottom wooden part inside the machine has a carved hole to collect the coins.

Peso-net is a booming trend especially for Filipinos who wants to set up their own computer shop business but doesn’t have enough funds; this is the best offer for you. This is easy to maintain and has no need for an additional man power. It can be also easily set up just within your own backyard and could utilize the space readily available at your area. Also it’s a recession proof business, fast return of investment (ROI) as early as 3 to 4 months.

It has factors that could capture the attention of every individual that should indulge in using Peso-net because it offers a more flexible and affordable rate than traditional internet cafes offers. Majority of the users of this kind of technology are the young people especially the students that are fond of indulging into computer which they usually use the Peso-net in playing online games like League of Legends, Crossfire, and DOTA. Hence, through utilizing the Peso-net they will be able to access their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and even their Twitter account for only just one peso.

The League of Legends is usually played by most of the users of the Peso-net specifically the males.

The League of Legends is usually played by most of the users of the Peso-net specifically the males.

The benefit of Peso-net is it requires less effort to maintain unlike with the traditional Internet cafes. All the personnel need to do is to make sure that he/she has more than enough stock of one peso coins and units are pretty much on auto-pilot. Some of the Peso-net machine here in Iloilo City supports coin amounts bigger than a Peso which is actually the same rate when you insert five of the one peso coin which is actually equal to 20 minutes, so it can’t be a pain in the neck to drop a coin every now and then. As we know, internet cafes have a fixed rates and minimum minutes of usage, this makes for not-so ideal scenario for budget-conscious pinoys and although the rate is the same, Peso Net offers a much flexible alternative that most internet cafes don’t and that is to have more control on how much time and money a customer is willing to spend at a given time. What’s good with the Peso-net is it is secured while you get to give your customers the option to play on a staggered time basis based on what or how long he or she needs to play in the computer or use it online for any purpose. With the Peso-net, anyone and everyone can now have their Facebook account and use the service of the internet without spending so much renting in an internet cafe. The students may also benefit from this technology while they are using Peso-net because with just a short period of time they will be able to browse their researches and assignments through the use of the internet.

On the other side, this technology can also have a disadvantage which is the effects to the students’ performance especially on their academics in which it could cause them an addiction in playing online games, not in going to school anymore and could brought them into peer pressure because it has no time limit to the students unlike in the traditional internet shops that if it is class hour’s students are not allowed to go to internet shops and play online games. Most of the students especially the males tend to cut classes just to indulge into Peso-net by playing the arcade games that could satisfy them when they have achieve the goals of the game. They just get their allowances to their parents and go to the nearby community that has an operating Peso-net than going to school and to attend their classes.

Due to there is no personnel that is looking after the customer, some of the students engage into smoking while they are utilizing the Peso-net and they are able to speak inappropriate words to other people that is also using the Peso-net because of the reason that they have not win the game. But it only depends on the students on what they will be going to do just to overcome the addiction that was cause them by the Peso-net in which they could attend their classes again. In addition, some of the setup of the Peso-net doesn’t have a flash drive support and sometimes it doesn’t accept defective coins or what we call as bingkong money.

As an observation, this technology is also open to all users regardless their age, sex, and even family income. Even the small kids or the little ones tend to use it as they play games online like Friv, Y8 and other games intended for children for just inserting a peso that could made them happy even in a short period of time that they have utilize it. Also in some places that operate a Peso-net, the user has no privacy because there are people watching around them while they are using the Peso-net. Furthermore, it also makes the users to be wise in spending their money because they are able to control how much money they will be inserting into the machine and how much time they will be spending in order to utilize it and do all what they want to do.

Peso-net can make the lives of the people to be more easier in doing their tasks and spending their money wisely when they utilize this technology.

Peso-net can make the lives of the people to be more easier on their tasks and spending their money wisely when they utilize this technology.

Peso-net is an internet cafe on the run and in retail minutes made available to anyone who is looking to use it for a certain time at a cheaper option by minutes. Indeed, Peso-net is a cheaper way to go online.


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Development Communication: Significance in Popularizing Breakthroughs in Science and Technology

Science and technology, uplifting the today’s face of reality because of advanced innovations. It is one of the biggest factors why most of the societies today are progressive. Like Japan, despite of being a victim of the natural phenomenon and tragedies, they recover so fast and their development growth never goes down. Since it is under science, Development Communication has a very wide scope of work. Therefore it plays an important role in popularizing breakthroughs in science and technology.

            The rapid prevalence of ICT, it defined a new form of social underclass as demarcated by the digital divide between developed and developing countries. The need for ICT served economic, political and social justice. Development communication policy as a field has always been characterized by tension and conflict owed to a socially contextualized policy-making process and value-driven technologies. Communication has been framed within the ruling discourses on development paradigms along with the convergence of media and communication technologies and the rule of the market-based media structure.

            Developing countries today face a wide range of needs, from more secure food supplies to cheap and effective medicines. One factor that almost all these needs have in common is that satisfying them adequately will not occur without the use of modern science. From both points of view, development can be characterized as the process of putting scientific and technical knowledge into practice. Conversely, it is important that building the capacity to absorb and make use of scientific and technical knowledge must be placed at the heart of the development aid efforts if these are to be successful in achieving their goals.

            Development is such a big word for us to comprehend its truest sense. We can define development on our own.  Yet, true development can and will be measured through me and my community.

Human Communication Roles in Development Communication

         Communication is necessary in the world. We are obliged to communicate in order to live life harmoniously. Can you just imagine what will happen if we don’t know the art of communication? Exactly! This world will start and end up in an unorganized way. No understanding and no development at all.

          Human communication plays an important role in development communication. Humans are the centered of development. We find ways on how to achieve the kind of development we wanted and needed. As a human being, we have the answers on how important human communication is in achieving our goals in life. As much as we know, we are lucky to be born with skill and knowledge on how to communicate. We just have to know how to develop these.

Development Communication can be simply discussed using only two terminologies, Development and Communication itself. On my own words, it is a tool on achieving desired goals which can result to the development of a certain place through the use of human communication in forms of science and technology and artistry.

Human Communication promotes development if actively practiced. The concept of people’s participation creates development. As they say, Development Communication is an art and science of human communication. Indeed, development was brought by the advancement of science and technology in our society. Technology made our lives easier. These thought may give us a hope of achieving development in a faster way with the use of different technologies such as the use of Social Media. Technology is already part of human communication. It creates a bridge on giving and getting information no matter where we locate ourselves. With the modernization we have now, human communication improved in a way we never expected.

Indeed, active human communication plays a big role in development communication.

DevCom Heroes: Because It’s Your Right To Know


In the modern world, one is considered ignorant if he or she does not know anything about what’s happening around him or her. Especially when you belong to a kind of environment where people seem to feed on gadgets and other technological bling. It has been a psychosocial factor to the development of a person in a certain society. Being computer literate isn’t anymore the basic knowledge one should possess in order to be socially accepted. Today, one should be Internet literate in order to keep up with the pace of most of the world and enjoy the things he or she should be enjoying. But the truth to the fact is that not most of the world’s population is enjoying these breakthroughs of science and technology. Why? Because no one tells them. Because these type of information does not reach them. This is where the job of Development Communication comes in.

Through DevCom, secluded communities relative to the scope of information dissemination can now be reached. People of DevCom dedicate their time in spreading information to those who are usually the last to get them. In this case, breakthroughs of science and technology. They help the flow of significant information such as a newly discovered cure to what the less fortunate considered to be an incurable disease before. Another example would be informing them of the new ways to improve their livelihood through new technologies that are lucrative in the present market.

It is one thing to popularize the breakthroughs of science and technology among these people, and another to use these to improve their life situations. Breakthroughs may come and go. They may cost a fortune, but the value of what we DevCom people inculcate in their lives could only be measured through the heart.

Development Communication: scientific and technological breakthroughs


“The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.”

In the year 1972 Nora C. Quebral , who also known as the “Mother of Development Communication turned a phrase “Development Communication”  which she gave explanation that it is “the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of individual potential”. (Khan, 2009)

Communication is meant for every individual on how we deal and interact with other people and also to every little thing that surrounds us and Development was driven by the process of mankind’s evolution and later it was driven by technological human progress.

What is the significance of development communication in popularizing breakthroughs in science and technology?

In our present time, we, people know that there is high existence of technology in any part of the world. Science and Technology are linked hand in hand, because science is the intellectual practice or what we called “knowledge” and technology is the medium used to apply our knowledge.

Science and Technology is almost part of our everyday life, even we do not always see it but wherever we go, whatever we do, we can’t deny that there is always Technology.

In this way, the significance of development communication which has various characteristics that also implies balance creativity with understanding and its various contributions as it helps developed the challenge of sustainable global development, especially when it comes into social media that contributes in popularizing breakthrough in science and technology through giving more information to broaden people’s knowledge on how much of a role does technology play in those meaningful address of different problems in our society. 


DevCom: Disseminating Innovations in Science and Technology

Science is the study of knowledge which depends on seeing and testing facts while technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge. A nation cannot be developed without science and technology because it is associated with modernity and it is an essential tool for rapid development. Modern gadgets in all aspects of human comfort, production of medicines and other treatment of illness are inventions of science and technology. They are also applied to fields such as architecture and agriculture.

Development Communication can play an important role to build the capacity to make use of scientific and technological knowledge so that development can be successful in achieving goals. Before providing the people these modern technology, one of the things to consider is to educate them on the importance and uses of these things for the development of themselves in particular and of their community in general. This is where development communicators come in. Development communicators can become channels to provide factual information in delivering technological education to communities in practical and useful ways, especially in the rural areas where people have limited knowledge and access on modern technology. They can visit these communities, identify their problems and help them find their solutions. For instance, in agricultural communities where television and radio availability is inadequate, development communicators can visit the residents, bringing with them these new technologies and resource persons who are authorized to conduct trainings to the residents on how to use newly-discovered agricultural breakthroughs. In this way, technologies can be extended to people with the power and skill to use them, thus maximizing their use.

Furthermore, development communicators can establish partnerships with government and non-government organizations to build communication channels to fully integrate the developmental process from governments down to community. This could help them gather more participants during these trainings.

Development Communication will always be related with Science and Technology because they have the same goal – to bring a nation towards progress.