How is Development Communication as an Art and Science of Human Communication?


Communication is the key to human development. According to Nora C. Quebral development communication as an art and science of human communication is applied to the speedy transformation of a country and the mass of its people from poverty to dynamic state of economic growth that makes possible greater social equality and the larger fulfillment of the human potential.

Our country is facing different kinds of problems in social, economic, agricultural, and industrial and many more. As, Development Communication communicators we can communicate with them and stressed the main roots of their problem and make an immediate action. Helping people in all levels of communication, through communication media techniques like for example social networking it can develop human thoughts, and can catch the curiosity of the audience and increasing human participation. In our generation today we are influence by modern technology, development communication can be useful in terms of developmental projects with the use of media.

Development communication is a big help in our progressive country, there is a dynamic strategy behind people participation, like for example communication activities, exchanging ideas and information in a very productive way. Face to face communication is the best way because there is a bridge understanding between you and the person you are dealing with.

We are living in a communication age there is a full impact of communication and the development we are having right now, are can be seen. Development involves change and we are also making change.

Communication focuses on a long process that can change our behavior.

As we look in the future the communication of rural development will be upon us. Helping us in our living and making our life to become easier. That was devcom is.





Development Communication: Significance in Popularizing Breakthroughs in Science and Technology

Science and technology, uplifting the today’s face of reality because of advanced innovations. It is one of the biggest factors why most of the societies today are progressive. Like Japan, despite of being a victim of the natural phenomenon and tragedies, they recover so fast and their development growth never goes down. Since it is under science, Development Communication has a very wide scope of work. Therefore it plays an important role in popularizing breakthroughs in science and technology.

            The rapid prevalence of ICT, it defined a new form of social underclass as demarcated by the digital divide between developed and developing countries. The need for ICT served economic, political and social justice. Development communication policy as a field has always been characterized by tension and conflict owed to a socially contextualized policy-making process and value-driven technologies. Communication has been framed within the ruling discourses on development paradigms along with the convergence of media and communication technologies and the rule of the market-based media structure.

            Developing countries today face a wide range of needs, from more secure food supplies to cheap and effective medicines. One factor that almost all these needs have in common is that satisfying them adequately will not occur without the use of modern science. From both points of view, development can be characterized as the process of putting scientific and technical knowledge into practice. Conversely, it is important that building the capacity to absorb and make use of scientific and technical knowledge must be placed at the heart of the development aid efforts if these are to be successful in achieving their goals.

            Development is such a big word for us to comprehend its truest sense. We can define development on our own.  Yet, true development can and will be measured through me and my community.

Human Communication Roles in Development Communication

         Communication is necessary in the world. We are obliged to communicate in order to live life harmoniously. Can you just imagine what will happen if we don’t know the art of communication? Exactly! This world will start and end up in an unorganized way. No understanding and no development at all.

          Human communication plays an important role in development communication. Humans are the centered of development. We find ways on how to achieve the kind of development we wanted and needed. As a human being, we have the answers on how important human communication is in achieving our goals in life. As much as we know, we are lucky to be born with skill and knowledge on how to communicate. We just have to know how to develop these.

Development Communication can be simply discussed using only two terminologies, Development and Communication itself. On my own words, it is a tool on achieving desired goals which can result to the development of a certain place through the use of human communication in forms of science and technology and artistry.

Human Communication promotes development if actively practiced. The concept of people’s participation creates development. As they say, Development Communication is an art and science of human communication. Indeed, development was brought by the advancement of science and technology in our society. Technology made our lives easier. These thought may give us a hope of achieving development in a faster way with the use of different technologies such as the use of Social Media. Technology is already part of human communication. It creates a bridge on giving and getting information no matter where we locate ourselves. With the modernization we have now, human communication improved in a way we never expected.

Indeed, active human communication plays a big role in development communication.

Development Communication Essential Component for Science and Technology


The biggest single factor determining any country’s potential for achieving sustainable social and economic growth is ability to access and apply the fruits of modern science and technology in a responsible manner.

Developing countries from  Eastern Europe as well countries in Central Asia  face a wide range of needs, from cheap and effective medicine and more secure food supplies. One factor that can satisfy these needs will be the use of modern science- such as genetically modified crops or how can these countries adapt to the impact of climate change- thus requiring long period of research and a adequate knowledge of different nature. Development can be characterized as putting both scientific and technical process into practice.

But knowledge will not reach those who can benefit from it unless it has been effectively communicated to individuals with the power and skills. Thus development communication became an effective tool to use. Scientists are recognizing the need not only to communicate more freely among themselves – hence the growth of the open access movement – but also to communicate the significance of their work to both policy-makers and to the general public, particularly when it has important social implications, whether for good or, potentially, for ill.

Development Communication play a bigger rule when it comes to science and technology nowadays. Through science will help address all issue of any country such a supply of food, economic needs and even scientific exploration. Communication initiatives have helped to foster recognition, in both political circles and the wider community, which good policy decisions must draw on robust scientific evidence in fields ranging from food security to climate change. The more solid the reasoning behind such decisions, the more likely they are to achieve their desired objective. Given the access to validated knowledge generated by primary research papers.


Development Communication: towards Nation’s Progress

Development Communication was defined as the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equality and the larger unfolding of individual potentials by Dr. Nora C, Quebral, the mother of this discipline in 1971. Development Communication grew in response to societal problems. One of its underlying assumptions is that these (societal) problems may be traced to root causes and these root causes may in turn be remedied by information and communication. Development Communication is both an art and science of human communication because it uses scientific methods to make complicated things simple and as an art it uses different artistic, creative and eye catchy communication materials and media to communicate effectively. As a Development Communicator in the future, the author was able to draw out several realizations on how Development Communication was considered as an art and science of human communication.

YOU MUST BE CREATIVE. In persuading the community, you must implement the programs creatively. You, as the source of information must be able to transmit this information to your audience correctly and with their full attention to the topic, because if you don’t, you might find yourself alone.

Photo taken during the Community Organizing Class of BSDC 3A (batch 2014) at Brgy. San Roque, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Teaching these children the importance of proper hand-washing and personal hygiene.   Photo by: K.M. Vergara

Photo taken during the Community Organizing Class of BSDC 3A (batch 2014) at Brgy. San Roque, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Teaching these children the importance of proper hand-washing and personal hygiene.
Photo by: K.M. Vergara

YOU MUST BE RESOURCEFUL. This is making use of the available resources in the community. Give the fact that not all communities have the access to new technologies, you as a DevCom practitioner must be able to make out of something from the community, what’s with them and what they can do to it to make it useful, you must integrate different ideas to the community for as the old quote would say, teach them how to fish and they will live forever.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY. This is the main point of being a Development Communicator, communicating development to the people. You must be able to inform and educate people on the things of their concern and the things that they must learn whether they will be children, youth, those with profession, or even the adults.

Informal Education/ Spiritual Instructions to the children of Brgy. Mabini, Buenavista, Guimaras.
Photo by: R.P. Escala

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SIMPLIFY THE COMPLICATED. This is one of the most needed attributes of a Development Communicator, and this is where the “science” takes place. Communicating new scientific innovations on farming for example is not easy, you have to learn it first, and then teach it to people on how use it in the simplest way possible in order for them to make use of it.

YOU MUST BE READY. Development Communication may lead you to somewhere far away from home. Let you step on a muddy road. Let you eat exotic food, therefore you must be ready emotionally, physically and mentally.

The discipline goes beyond profession, for development communication is a commitment and a life to live for the progress of the nation through information and communication. Development in the Third World Countries such as the Philippines is a dream and a goal that must be reached, for development starts from within, for Development Communication measures development through ‘man’.


Ongkiko, Ila Virginia and Flor, Alexander G. (1998). Introduction to Development Communication. Los Baños: University of the Philippines Open University and Southeast Asia Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture.

Development Communication: scientific and technological breakthroughs


“The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.”

In the year 1972 Nora C. Quebral , who also known as the “Mother of Development Communication turned a phrase “Development Communication”  which she gave explanation that it is “the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of individual potential”. (Khan, 2009)

Communication is meant for every individual on how we deal and interact with other people and also to every little thing that surrounds us and Development was driven by the process of mankind’s evolution and later it was driven by technological human progress.

What is the significance of development communication in popularizing breakthroughs in science and technology?

In our present time, we, people know that there is high existence of technology in any part of the world. Science and Technology are linked hand in hand, because science is the intellectual practice or what we called “knowledge” and technology is the medium used to apply our knowledge.

Science and Technology is almost part of our everyday life, even we do not always see it but wherever we go, whatever we do, we can’t deny that there is always Technology.

In this way, the significance of development communication which has various characteristics that also implies balance creativity with understanding and its various contributions as it helps developed the challenge of sustainable global development, especially when it comes into social media that contributes in popularizing breakthrough in science and technology through giving more information to broaden people’s knowledge on how much of a role does technology play in those meaningful address of different problems in our society. 


Development Communication: A Key to Human Development

According to Quebral(2006), Development Communication is “the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of individual potential.”

We live in a communication age, and the full impact of communication on development is just starting to be seen and we also live in a communication era, with rapid expansion in the reach of mass media, and improved techniques for the interpersonal exchange of ideas. Based on the experience of FAO and other agencies, communication for development has reached the stage where it can have a noticeable and rewarding effect on many development programmes.

We, as Development Communication practitioner, can help human communication through helping them to improved their communities first because change must first exists on our own homes. We are conducting events such as programs and activities that could enhance their human communication and their community as well. We’re doing it hand-to-hand in able for us to make even simple change that could lead to higher development.

Communication is the way, indeed the only way – we learn who we are … our sense of identity comes from the way we interact with other people. In short, the way we speak or talk to others simply defines ourselves. As a DevCom practitioner, we must also aware of what is happening to existing problems around us such as poverty, malnutrition and etc. We must know how to react on that certain problems because it defines who we really are.

Therefore, development really starts within us, and there would be no development if there is no communication. Development communication can improve activities at all levels, enhancing management, teamwork and the morale of personnel.

But being a Development Communication student is enjoyable, interesting, wonderful, and that is the main reason for being a communicator.

We're having a small talks with the senior citizens of Brgy. San Roque, Guiramas.

We’re having a small talks with the senior citizens of Brgy. San Roque, Guimaras. A simple example of human communication.

Development Communication: An Art and A Science of Human Communication

Development Communication is a missionary work. It is a vocation. Being a unique profession, it is done with the art of creativity and the science that uses theories and principles. Development Communication is a profession which involves the blend of special knowledge and a practice of personal involvement to the people.

As an art, it uses the skill of a development communicator in writing and communicating in a way that is more understandable to everyone. It has been noted that most of all will learn more and imbibe it when it is presented in a creative and more innovative manner and style. What’s unique in development communication is having a strong social and cultural force with its care to the people that can help transform a society or even a nation. Striving to understand each event and giving a meaning to a life of the other.

As a science, development communication is scientific in outlook. It uses its theories and principles compassionately and making a stand dedicated concerning what is better to the people. It uses theories in analyzing and taking an act for improvement of a human life. Contributing to personal growth with its principles relating to moral values that shapes and expands other lives.

Development Communication is an art and a science of human communication, dominated by an ideal of service to the people in which theories and principles are applied with the creativity of interpreting her role with them. Encouraging and exerting an influence to the community in helping them to overcome their problems. Development Communication is consists of traits which come from the heart and which penetrate the real person when giving a magnetic influence on others. It is purposive, pragmatic and value laden. Development Communication practitioners speaks for development and along the process he became part of the development. This makes a Development Communication an exceptional one.

Development Communication: Significant in Popularizing Breakthroughs in Science and Technology

Science and Technology has a great part in transforming our society, it plays an important role in our daily lives. Almost everything has been touched on what we called “Science and Technology”.
Science and technology development must meet the objective of sustainable socio-economical development that fast economical growth must come along environmental protection, social equality and maintaining national defense security.
But this days we people tend to neglect the importance of this that we almost destroy our society. In connection with this, Development Communication will now take part on this issue. Science and technology will have a tandem in Development Communication in order to have a progressive society.
We all know that Development Communication is defined as the art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country from poverty to a dynamic state of economic growth and makes possible greater economic and social equality and the larger fulfillment of human potential.
The significance of Development Communication is that it helps in informing the people about the importance of technology and what are the things that the technology could help on our daily life. It also makes us understand that technology could help in transforming our society into a better one.
Development communicators will let us understand how science and technology could help us in addressing the social issues in our society such us, poverty, education, employment, health, government, environment and many more. Communication will be a great tool in achieving this. Development communicator will share what they have learned, experience and the knowledge they have. Through this, people will be more aware on what was happening in the society and how they could address that issue. They will no longer be ignorant about it and they won’t blame the government on the things they are experiencing right now.