Have you ever been suffering from menstrual pain? or Looking for dysmenorrhea treatment? Try Artemisia an herbal that is good for dysmennorhea and can treat numerous body disorders.


Artemisia (artemisia tridente) refferred to as wormwood and sagebrush.This herbs are commonly called Artamisa in hiligaynon. In greek methology, Artemisia bears the name of the goddess Artemis known as Diana in Roman dietes. This plant belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae and the kingdom Plantae. It grows in a temperate climate and dry environment. The leaves are grayish-green color and covered with small silky hairs. It has an aromatic scent but a bitter taste. Flowers are  small and has a yellow color. The leaves and roots are the most commonly used parts of the Artemisia herb. It can be dried and used in a differrent preparations.


Artemisia plant can be used in differrent preparations


Artemisia can be use as seasoning for its aromatic taste and can also be use in preparing differrent alcoholic beverages.In French, leaves of artemisia can be use to flavor poultry dishes and can make vinegar called tarragon vinegar.


Artemisia can also be use in your own houses. It releases fresh nd aromatic smell because of its camphor-like aroma that is use as an air freshener. The Artemisia twigs or branches can keep away insects and protect your cloths moths. It has also disinfectant that can use as a floor wash and can kill germs.


Artemisia can be a remedy to a different body disorders because of its substance that contains tonic, anti-septic, and anti-fungal properties. It can be used to prevent wound infections, stop internal bleding, and can also treat headaches and colds. Artemisia leaves can also cure digestive disorders and sore eyes.



Many studies shows that artemisia can effectively cure malaria. In this reason, NGO’s and IGO’s give artemisia tea bags to countries where malaria is constant.


Artemisia Plant has anti-inflammatory properties that can cure bruises, itches,and swellings. It can also be a solution to your skin problems because it can make skin ointment and anti-septic to prevent infections.


Artemisia herb are also effective in treating digestive disorders like stomach ache, constipation, abdominal pains, diarhea, and parasitic infections. It was proved that are artemisia can help expel worms ans other parasites from digestive tracts. It can also help improve your digestion and revitalize your appetite.


Artemisia tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve menstrual pains.


artemisia tea photo by:

artemisia tea photo by:

In preparing an artemisia tea you must dry the artemisia leaves and boiled it or you can buy an artemisia tea bags in a nearby herbal store. You can also mixed the artemisia leaves and roots then boiled it.


Like any other herbs, artemisia has also side-effects if taken inappropriately.

Avoid using Artemisia if you are allergic to herbs belonging to the daisy family.

A diabetec person must prevent from taking Artemisia because it might react with its medication.

According to the article that I’ve read, Michael Moore states that, ” considering the highly reactive state of pregnancy and the fact that fetal growth is a template that can manifest pharmacokinetics very differrently than adults”, it is not advisable to take Artemisia during pregnancy and lactation.

REMEMBER, it is better to seek the advice of your physician before taking Artemisia or any treatment to make sure it is suitable for you.






Organic Betadine Good for Infectious Wound

We are living in a modern generation. A lot of new technologies came out to our world. Nowadays, a new innovation generates in our universe, a new invention which lead to us as a good example of how our intellectual capacity exists. In line of medicine which undergo to the laboratory process or in the form of organic such as a herbal medicine.

When we say Betadine, what comes to your mind? It simply answers that, this is the number one effective medicine to cure and prevent infection to the wound. Another thing, as we all know, that Betadine is in the form of laboratory process and there are a lot of chemicals to use. Betadine is also used in hospitals and homes as an important line of defense against infections. It also help to reduce bacteria that can cause skin infection. But for now, there is new invention about Betadine in the context of organic process or let just say the herbal medicine and it is the easiest way to undergo. One thing that it is new invention, it is also a new understanding about the importance of the herbal medicine. As we say, Herbal Medicine, some people are believe and used as a treatment to their illness or disease that they experience with. In these days, many people believe on the wonder of the herbal plants that could give a lot of benefits to our body and to maintain a healthy living.

From the municipality of Pototan, Iloilo there is one organization of women called Kalipi Organization that trained about doing different kinds of organic products and one of the products that they made is the Organic/Herbal betadine. The said organization is group of the women who undergo training and do making the said product which could help preventing infection to the wound. This Herbal/ Organic Betadine is the best way to cure other infections related to the wound because it made up of a natural process by different kinds of herbal plants and this are the Coconut oil, Kalawag, Attuetes, Malunggay Stream and Langkawas. As we all know, there are a lot of benefits of this kind of plants.

Here are the some benefits of Coconut Oil in terms of Infection:

Photo by: google

Photo by: google

  • It is mostly made up of almost 50% of the fatty acids and it has had a 12-carbon Lauric acid and also contains the monolaurin.
  • It can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Coconut oil had properties such as antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, antibacterial and has soothing qualities.

The Benefits of Kalawag/ Turmeric in preventing Infection:

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Photo by:

  • It is an anti-inflammatory to treat digestive and liver problems, skin diseases and wounds.
  • It also a powerful anti-oxidant that could fight some infections.
  • It is also good in the antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises and has an antibacterial agent.

Benefits of a malunggay in preventing infection:

Photo by: google

Photo by: google

  • It acts as an anti-oxidant
  • It is also an anti-microbial properties
  • It is also a germ-killer or drying agent
  • It can also treat pockets of infection like athlete’s foot, snakebites, warts and wounds.

Benefits of a Langkawas or Galangal in terms of infection:



  • It acts as an anti-fungal

From the above mention of herbal plants, we can see that there are a lot of functions to undergo with.  And all of the stated plants can help preventing infections and came up a finished product of a herbal betadine.  It is a good medicine to the wound by curing it. This Betadine is the knewest invention because of the different herbal plants that this made up. According to Mrs. Salvacion Tupas one of the member of the said organization their  betadine is good for the wounds and other related skin diseases. It simply shows that this organic /herbal bretadine is a natural making because of the plants involved on this medicine and by the process of organic. The organic Betadine is just one of the unique medicinal products because it is composed of the different kinds of herbal plants in which it could help a lot to the local populace on our country. And it is a natural way to cure the skin diseases and such as use to cleanse the wound by preventing infections.