A Friendly thing for campers away from civilization.

 Do you like camping in the middle of somewhere away from the city life, along with your love ones or special someone under the beautiful moon? Well, this thing will be really useful for you and your family, the “Biolite camping stove”

The stove is really helpful for every individuals, especially to others who needs the services that the stove can give because it generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices. So eventhough you are the middle of the forest or anywhere you can still play games, listen music, do assignments on your cellphones, loptops and other devices.

The stove needs no gas, it only needs twigs, dead wood, dried small branches in order to fire it up. But take note coal is not allowed.

Another cool thing is, after firing up you can now cook your meal or breakfast. You can fried some chicken and cook rice and etc. It means, it is very suitable in picnics with friends. During its full burn the stove can boiled 1 liter of water in just five minutes for your coffee.

All in all, this wonderful stove is very helpful for all of us especially in our country in the Philippines specifically in the remote areas because our country is always visited by typhoons, that’s why there are blackouts in some areas, the biolite camping stove is very helpful to them because the stove is not just for camping and outdoor activities but also for our personal purposes in our house, like for cooking dishes and giving power to your rechargeable gadgets for emergency, entertainment purposes and etc.

If you are interested in biolite camping stove, just go to internet cafe and search for Aliexpress or Amazon for the information about the price of this awesome thing.


BY: Fym angelo C. Rago.