The first Philippine plastic bottle Classrooms

One of the most common problems in our country right now, as we face the new basic education are the classrooms that will be used by the students. In Philippines one of the scenario flashing in the headlines in news are students cramped up in a small classroom and there are some situations that two classes are being held in one tiny room. In growing population of school children in Philippines needs a solution which greatly help students to be more comfortable in their classes. It is transforming another problem into a solution. To help in solving the problem about absence of classrooms in the country is to have another way on how to build it. Plastic bottles turns into a bottle classrooms are very creative way on how to reduce problem in classrooms and also to minimize amount of plastic bottles in our surroundings. A country which surrounded by a reusable plastic bottles, and education is a priority, there is a need to build classrooms from plastic bottles to be used by our future educators.


In Dalubhasaan, San Pablo, Laguna is a place in Philippines where you

can found a building made up of plastic bottles. “Plastic Bottle Mo, Kinabukasan Ko” is a project of the provincial government together with an actor/model and also an architect Illac Diaz and other sponsors who contributed to this project just to make it possible. Diaz and his My Shelter Foundation said about using plastic bottles will beneficial for economic reasons. “Rather to throw or burying it, we ought of making them as buildings” Diaz said. They build eight classrooms and a library with the support by the 3rd District Board Member Angelica Jones who also helped in the process of the project. Lacks of 7,000 classrooms as one of the challenge in part of the Department of Education just to cater the needs of the students. This project aims to inspire different local government units to have plastic bottle classrooms with their own places.

Features and Benefits

One person who also helped in building a plastic bottle classrooms was Celso Alcantara who said that the plastic bottle classroom is stronger compared to the structure he made in his 14 years as a mason. The making of a plastic bottle into classrooms are substitute to bricks and 1mostly the 1.5 liter would be filled with liquefied adobe and would be left to dry 12 hours before to use. Like in bricks the bottles are also stack using cement, wires and also steel bars to make it stronger. About 2 months and longer than the normal construction of concrete, and it is even stronger than bricks. Tested by the Mapua Institute of Technology. They are also using rice hulls and also planning to use tetra packs for roof. Using plastic bottles in making classrooms is cheaper than bricks. Hollow blocks would have the tendency to crack when earthquake and any disaster may come, but not plastic bottles. One plastic bottle classroom would use 5,000 plastic bottles. My Shelter Foundation who initiated this project which headed by Illac Diaz. The participation of the community in San Pablo, Laguna in constructing the plastic bottle classroom help them to have a sense of responsibility and ownership.

This is very beneficial to the students who are affected in having a small classroom in San Pablo Laguna. It is solving two problem in one project or 2hitting two birds in one stone because as a solution to lack of classroom it also the answer to the problem of wastes in our country. This project is very advantage to the local government unit of San Pablo Laguna and to the beneficiaries of My Shelter Foundation.Despite with this problem in our education system people behind this project taught us how to be creative in order to find a ways just to have a solution in this problem. The plastic bottle classroom is a very good example to our fellowmen to be more sensitive enough in what’s happening in the country right now. It’s very possible to see a houses made up of plastic bottles in our own community and different recycled materials to be used. The essence of this project is to give inspiration and creativity to the people and to give more comfortable and good education quality to the Philippines. The possibilities are endless as long as we think a creative solution to the challenges we face as one, and as part of a global community. May this innovation can contribute a lot to the development of the country for having its uniqueness and creativity to have the 1st plastic bottle classroom in the Philippines. May the students who are the beneficiaries of this project take their part to help the country in building new generation.


ABS-CBN news



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