Candles: New Source of Power!

No battery? No electricity?

Candles are usually used as a source of light during blackouts but did you know that it could also be used as a power in charging a phone during blackouts. This innovation was discovered by stower.

Candle charger is a safe, compact, and effecient miniature powerplant that provides electricity for usb devices. It was the first indoor powerplant for phones. The water used for the candle charger could also be reused for cooking. Six candles can full charge two (2) phones.


Candle charger contains two corepieces of technology:

1. Thermoelectric module also known as a Peltier cooler. Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor devices that convert temperature gradients – one side hot, one side cold – into electricity.

2. Nontoxic bismuth telluride-based modules, which have been in mass production for over twenty years for scientific, refrigeration, and automotive industries.

Credit: google images

Credit: google images

The candle charger is unique because of its  conversion efficiency, its electrical strategy, and the design for indoor use.

Conversion efficiency-patented mechanical engineering is combined to optimize heat transfer from the candle, to the thermoelectric module, and into the water bath; careful control over thermal interfaces; and spatial design to position the Candle Charger relative to a heat source (i.e. the candle).

Electrical Strategy it monitors the power output from the thermoelectric generator,boosts the voltage to USB standard 5V,conditions the power from the generator so it matches internal charging requirements of smartphones, switching between “bands” of acceptable current levels and gradually dropping the voltage so phones don’t drop the charge,provides LED indicator sequences to clearly show power availability.

images (3)

Credit: google images

Credit: google images

Credit: google images




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