2BIG POWER LED BULB; Fueless, Non-Turbine and Perpetual Current Generator

Screen shot of ABS-CBN's video in Youtube featuring 2BIG POWER being filled with water

Screen shot of ABS-CBN’s video in Youtube featuring 2BIG POWER being filled with water


Filipinos are well known to be creative where ever they might go most especially in the field of invention who are recognize not only in the country but in the whole world.

For every problem there is always a solution. One of the major problems that we are facing in the Philippines is the absence of electricity in scarce area. Many of Filipinos are suffering from darkness due to lack of light and electricity.


Dreaming to help the Filipino countrymen, Mr. Stevenson “Steve” Rejuso, a member of Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) and known for his inventions here and abroad, he invented the LED Lamp Portable DC Generator or 2BIG Power. This invention uses water as a fuel to light an LED Bulb.

Screen shot of ABS-CBN's video in Youtube featuring the inventor of 2BIG POWER

Screen shot of ABS-CBN’s video in Youtube featuring the inventor of 2BIG POWER

The story behind of this invention was just accidentally peed by a small child on their collection of scrap metals that was observed by his wife and gradually put all the plates until it lighten up the bulb. Some of his invention are known outside the country including Self-Generating Power System that has been brought to Thailand, while Singapore have been interested in Super Battery, the Power Protector Energy Saving have also been known in Jakarta, but of all his invention he finds the 2BIG Power has a lot of uses and benefits. As an application he uses it as a flashlight that only needs a sprinkle of water to light it up.

Features and Functions

2BIG Power are capable of producing 3-10 watts and lights up 3-4 days depending on the amount of water added. Aside from 2BIG Power he also invented the Tubig Powered Machine due to shortage of electricity in their area. It can light up a flashlight, a lamp post, it can also change batteries and battery pack of mobile phones and even a transistor radio that can light a village for 2 weeks. 2BIG Power and Tubig Powered Machine both generates electricity using water.

Screen shot of ABS-CBN's video in Youtube featuring the metal plates

Screen shot of ABS-CBN’s video in Youtube featuring the metal plates

Electricity produced through the metals that react inside the apparatus when water is poured over it. The wet metals produces energy that has the capability to produce energy. The many the water plates, the stronger enough to produce an economical value electricity.

One of the features of this device is it doesn’t required clean water to light a bulb. Sea water, Dirty water, fresh water, buko juice and waste water can be used as a fuel to light the 2BIG Power. It is also more useful than candles and oil lamps, aside from it cannot produced fire it is more economic and environment friendly.


The availability of the light during at night in Fairview, Quezon City is the main problem of the residents for 3 years, but now they are using the 2BIG Power that gives light to their street at night.. 2BIG Power machine has been very useful and easy to use as long as there is the presence of any form of water. The invention was cheap and user friendly. Now Tubig-powdered Machine is now functioning at Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Metro Manila.       


His inventions was featured in Imbentor and Kabuhayang Swak na Swak in ABS-CBN. 2BIG Power will surely bring a great affect and change in areas where electricity is absent. He is looking forward to reach provinces, remote areas, and far flug places in the country where there is a lack of electricity. Many foreigners have been interested for the sale of his invention but his love for the country are strong enough to refuse and let the Filipino will first benefit it.

There are many recognition given to him by Filipinos and even outside the country. He admits that his invention has helped a lot to his family. In the middle of hardships he works hard to achieve his invention because aside from personal advantage still he focus on his mission in life which is to help the fellow Filipinos. As of now El Nido Palawan, Mindoro, Polilio Island, Cagayan De Oro, and Davao are some of the community who plans to install 2BIG Power. His only request for the sake of the people that the government will take care of his invention. This help him to strive and to invent more that will surely help the people in the community.






Photo and Video Credit:

Youtube: 2BIG POWER

Youtube: SWAK INVENTOR Tubig Power


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