Increasing Rice Productivity through Color Sorter Technology

A modernized world demands an advance technology to cater the needs of the society. It makes the lives and works of people a lot easier.

Color sorter machine is one of the beneficial products produced by technology. In the year 1930 color sorter machine was introduced in US. The first sorting machine was developed in England in the year 1937. It is to help the rice farmers to sort defected rice from a quality rice grain to increase their production.

It is known that Philippines staple food is rice, for almost all Filipinos eat rice 3 times or more per day.  Since high quality rice grains commands a higher price than those that are defected grains, rice color sorter machine makes the sorting process a lot easier. Color sorting is a step before packing processed rice. The machine aims to improve the productivity and quality of commercial rice.

Photo by: DOST

Photo by: DOST

Rice color sorter machine is also called Optical Sorting Machine, using a high-resolution CCD optical sensor it can sort quality rice grains from black tipped, chalky, yellow and immature rice grains called “slight” or defected rice. It sorts rice by color or elements detected by the sensor or camera. Color Sorter Machine works based on vision system using monochromatic (use only one color) camera, ejectors and a software that monitors the entire process.  It can see the characteristics of defected grains that a human eye cannot identify.

Photo by: DOST Rice Before Sorting

Photo by: DOST
Rice Before Sorting

Photo by: DOST Quality Rice Grain

Photo by: DOST
Quality Rice Grain

Photo by: DOST  Defected Rice Grains

Photo by: DOST
Defected Rice Grains

In the Philippines, the DOST (Department of Science and Technology) had provided a Rice Color Sorter Machine to Leonard M. Garcia of Oriental Mindoro through Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). It was the first successfully established Sorting technology in the southern part of Oriental Mindoro. According to DOST the rice productivity will increase 20%. This means an additional production for the rice producer.

In some parts of the world farmers themselves had started to purchase sorters to increase their quality rice production.

Since Rice Color Sorter Machine uses monochromatic camera, innovators are trying to upgrade to sensor RGB color for more effective usage – to meet the demands of the society.



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