DevCom As An Art And Science

How Development communication as an art of science and human communication? We know for a fact that we have been studying the major subject for quite some time now. Now I didn’t say that I am an expert in this sort of thing but we have been exposed in a community a couple of times now as to say that it can be an art of science because of the fact that we deal with people and community and by that it means that from their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

It means a lot of things from being an individual or a group we provide them information that can provide for them to have a better lives and we aim to have it in a meaningful and sustainable way.

In the sense of human communication, basing on what I have tackled in the previous paragraphs that we deal with people and the basic outcome that we ought to reach is to make a difference in the quality of life of an individual or community.

Development Communication is an art because it used the art of mass media that allows it creatively prepare its materials in implementing the development in a certain community. It applies different unique ideas that will catch the attention and also of course the cooperation of the members of the community.

Development Communication is a science because it follows a systematic pattern and does go through the process of scientific method in achieving the development it wants to instill to the community. They identify problems that are from the members of the community themselves and organizers think of what are the most effective ways to counter or solve the issues or problems. They prepare step by step process or have plans to follow in order to achieve development.


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