DOST Region 6’s Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal (OL) Trap as an Alternative Mosquito trap in Reducing Dengue Mosquito

OL Trap

Prevention is Always Better than Cure! Prevent Dengue through using the newest  Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal (OL) Trap developed by DOST. Stop Dengue now by using Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal (OL) Trap or mosquito OL trap. Orvicidal means a chemical agent that kills eggs, especially the eggs of insects and larvicidal means an insecticide designed to kill larval pests. Dengue fever is also known as breakbone fever, it is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus from dengue mosquito.Dengue is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Aedes, principally A. aegypti. The virus has four different types; infection with one type usually gives lifelong immunity to that type, but only short-term immunity to the others. Subsequent infection with a different type increases the risk of severe complications. As there is no commercially available vaccine, prevention is sought by reducing the habitat and the number of mosquitoes and limiting exposure to bites. The DOST Region 6 is encouraging every provinces in West Visayas to use and promote the use of OL trap in killing dengue mosquito that makes people suffer. DOST provides 200,000 mosquito OL-trap kit nationwide, OL pellets for 6 months and conducted training to DOST-DOH staff.

OL mosquito trap is a system used to control population of the dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes developed by the Department of Science and Technology, the Mosquito OL trap is part of the government’s multi-prolonged approach in addressing the country’s dengue problem.It is first developed in the United States for the surveillance of Ae.aegypti.

It is found to be sensitive and efficient to detect the population of Aedes, even when the population densities were low.

In addition proved that it is safe, economical and environmental friendly. It can monitor and detect Aedes mosquito populationacting as an early warning signal to pre-empt any impending dengue out outbreaks.

It can be lethal to eggs once a larvicide is incorporated on the oviposition substrate. Autocidal ovitrap allows laying egga but prevent adult emergence thus reduces the Aedes mosquito densities.

There are 3 phases of this program the first phase is Laboratory study on the Development Performance testing and Fabrication of a Ovicidal Trap system for Aedes mosquito. The second phase is the Field Testing of Ovicidal Trap System for Aedes MOsquito in the area. The last phase is the roll-out of Ovi/Larvicidal Trap System for Aedes Mosquito Nationwide.

The objective of this program is to develop an effective/ efficient natural larvicidal admixture through experimental formulations and lab-scale performance testing. The program also tries to evaluate the efficiency of the larvicidal experimental admixtures through laboratory scale performance testing using mosquito test-chamber facility. This will also try to fabricate an ovicidal trap system found to be most effective for the field.

The OL Trap, Pellet developed by DOST and lawanit stick

The OL Trap, Pellet developed by DOST and lawanit stick

The Mosquito OL-Trap has three important parts: a black container because the mosquito is easily attracted in dark colored objects, a small strip of lawanit measuring 1″ X 6.5″ (like an ice drop stick) for mosquitoes to lay their eggs on, and a larvicide solution to kill the mosquito larvae that will hatch in the strip of wood and in the solution. The solution formulated is made up of pepper which creates a scent that will attract the mosquitoes.The scent of the solution invites female mosquitoes to the trap where they lay eggs on the stick and on the solution itself. The stick, moistened by the solution through capillary action, is highly attractive for mosquitoes to lay eggs on . As the eggs and the hatched larvae (also called “wrigglers”) get exposed to the solution, they die. The trap does not kill the adult mosquitoes. Instead, its ovicidal and larvicidal effect prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from reaching adulthood, thus curbing the Aedes mosquitoes population.

OL trap solution is very safe. It is organic and non-toxic. Because of its organic ingredient.

In using the OL trap one household should have four traps-two inside and two outside-to be put in low, dark corners of the house.

If the whole community will use it the mixtures will depend on how big the community is. Ideally, the trap can cover a 50-meter radius, so another set of traps should be placed before the end of the covered distance.

The advantages of Ol trap are safe and easy to use. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic. It is also much cheaper compared with other mosquito control products. The OL trap is a prevention strategy to curb the population of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

It doesn’t mean that if you use the OL trap is that all mosquito will be dead immediate it will take time and effort to change the solution every week.

There are four “S” to be remembered the first is Search and Destroy find all the possible mosquito hiding place and destroy it. The second is to Seek early consultation consult to the expert that have much knowledge in mosquito reproduction. The third is Say no to indiscriminate fogging because fogging is very dangerous that could kill some good mosquito that is needed to balance the ecosystem. The last is the Self protection protect yourself use some alternative way to keep yourself free from mosquito.

Here are the steps how to use properly and effectively the OL trap.

The step 1 is to pour tap water into the black plastic cup until the lined mark just above the printed DOST logo this volume is equivalent to 250 millilitres (ml.)

The second step is pour 1 pack of OL pellets into the plastic cup. One sachet per container is needed every week.

The third step place the lawanit stick in the solution with the rough surface facing up. Use it to stir the solution well.

The fourth step is place the plastic cup inside and outside the house in a low-lying area. If placed outside it should be protected from the sun and rainfall. take care not to spill the contents of the cup. keep out of reach of children and animals.

The fifth step is let the cup stand for six days. Keep the sorroundings clean so that the mosquitoes will lay their eggs on the trap only. If content are accidentally spilled out, pour the spilled area wih hot water and wipe. Put in fresh water and OL pellets and continue counting on the day when you left off.

The sixth step is after the six days , gently brush off the solution into the solution the mosquito eggs stuck on the lawanit strip. A used toothbrush will do the trick, but make sure that all the mosquito eggs drop it in the solution.

Step seventh is pour boiling water into the container. Dispose all the liquid content of the cup in a dry ground.

The eighth and final step is repeat step 1 to 7 weekly. Continue using OL trap weekly as long as there are still mosquito eggs and larvae laid on the stick and in the in the plastic cup. As long as there are still eggs being laid in the kit, the use of the OL trap should be continued.

The OL trap is available in the market in all Mercury drug store nationwide you may contact Heritage Veterinary Corporation (HVC), authorized manufacturing and distributing of DOST Mosquito OL Trap at Tel. No. (044) 641-0833 or Email at For only 100 pesos you can have 4 pcs of plastic cup and pellets good for 1 week. In your 100 pesos you will be safe and free from the mosquito.

Continued presence of eggs and larvae in the trap means that there are still mosquitoes in your area. When there are no more eggs and larvae, it means that there are no more mosquitoes in your area.

The OL Trap is validated its effectiveness with the liquid solution as an attractant and authocidal/ larvicidal agent through field testing . The Attractiveness is tested by counting the mosquito that attracted in the OL trap . The Larvicidal Activity is also observed if there is really larvae traped in the lawanit stic withdraw or removed the lawanit board from liquid solution and placed in a coded plastic bag that is standard wrapping procedure is observed by transferring or pouring in the full liquid solution from tin can into coded PET bottle. Then it was covered tightly.

The OL trap is Effective, safe and cheap make use of natural active agent. Feel free to do anything you want and worries no more because there is OL trap that is very effective in killing mosquito’s egg.

Mosquito Trivia:

Did you know that there is 2,700 species of mosquito in the world?

Did you know that female mosquito drink 5 millionth of litter per serving??? (for an Aedes aegypti)

Did you know that mosquito can fly an estimated 1 to 1.5 miles per 

Did you know that the average number of mosquito bites a person receives before taking action (going indoors or putting on a personal repellant) is 3?

Did you know that the mosquito eggs can last a week?

Did you know that Mosquito is attracted in the OL trap and lay there their eggs that if every household has it we can totally be free from dengue mosquito??

Reference and Sources

DOST REGION VI                                                                                                         Magsaysay Village, La Paz, Iloilo City


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