3G Taxi Roaming around Iloilo City streets: The City Of Love

During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts.

~David Bohm

According to one of the famous scientists, Thomas A. Edison, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

In this modern generation and third world country, we are now entering the world of new modern technologies and new inventions. For so many years we only hear new inventions are being invented in the Western part of the world, in Japan and in South Korea. Now inventions are existing from every country of the world. Some we might hear on news but some are hidden and waiting to be discovered. For so many years, professionals are popular in making new inventions and now students are entering the world of new inventions and waiting to be called new inventors of the century. Philippines as one of the developing countries, we Filipinos are so proud because some of our fellowmen are on the line of famous inventors. Contests of new local inventions are rising up everywhere and all ages are eager to join the said competitions. Organizations and schools also organize exhibits of new local inventions. This is to inspire and encourage people to try out and make new inventions and out of that new invention it can be called one of the new modern technology of the century. Some children ages 10-15 are joining local inventions contests. This is to prove that making new inventions are for all ages. This inventions can be of great help to the next generations to come and this is to testify how smart and imaginable their forefathers are. Just like what Thomas Edison said, simple inventions can be made up out of simple and junk things, in short being resourceful and of course with a help of a little imagination. Each and every one of us is using technologies to make our life and work a little bit easier. One of these new modern technologies is the WiFi or Wireless Fidelity, Wireless Internet.

With this new modern technology, people can now connect their phones, laptops and tabs using WiFi anytime, anywhere without using usb cords anymore. Some uses pocket WiFi or routers at home or maybe in schools, offices and business firms.

A lot of businesses today are related to WiFi connections. Especially celphone companies who makes WiFi access phones as one of their biggest businesses. This business is a very big boom to the people. A lot of people are wondering where did WiFi originated and what does it really means? Wi-Fi, also spelled Wifi or WiFi, is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelesslyusing radio waves

Most companies, restaurants, fast food chains, even schools and offices are now WiFi areas so are buses. Another first in the country, Mr. Rhodney Uy’s 3G Taxi is the new talk in town and a new transportation in the city’s culture. But here in Iloilo City, a unique taxi cab is roaming around the the City of Love’s historical streets. This taxi cab is not just an ordinary vehicle like what we used to ride when jeepneys are so full of passengers. This a 3G Taxi in which it has free WiFi connection.

3G Taxi is the first taxi cab in the Philippines with free WiFi. The interior is so ordinary but it is cozy and new.




Businessman Rhodney Uy might be trivial compared to owners of known taxi fleet in this city, but he offered a service which they have not. The 3G Taxi is owned by Mr. Rhodney Uy, a businessman. He owns the unit and at the same time he drives it. Mr. Uy’s concept about this WiFi zoned taxi cab started last December 2012 but it started plying the city streets in February 1, 2013.

IMG00458 IMG00457

When I asked Mr. Rhodney Uy why he invented this kind of taxi, “The taxi is a way of life to the Ilonggos and to people who comes to visit the city. I just want to be different from other taxi services”.

Everytime he drives the unit, he hears 95% of positive feed backs. It is a trial run to see how people accept this idea. With encouraging responses from and positive feed backs from different sectors and passengers, this entrepreneur plans to expand his business by adding more units still with WiFi connections. According to Iloilo Daily, Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog welcomed the development saying the improvement of transport services in the metropolis will help boost the city’s tourism promotions.


The 3G Taxi is very convenient and a great help to passengers like professionals, students and especially tourists. Example is clicking a specific website from your gadget to convert dollars to peso or any other currency to peso. Teens were also so amazed of what the 3G Taxi has to offer. It’s as if they don’t want to get out of the taxi because of the comfort inside and also because of the free WiFi.

The flag down rate is still Php 40.00 because WiFi is free.

The idea of having a free internet access on taxis first originated in Madrid when Vodafone Spain sponsored the WiFi connection where Spaniards and tourists need not to watch an advertisement, they just had to use a password given by the taxi driver, which allowed them to access the web.

In London, with the use of both 3G and 4G technology, passengers were able to have a free Internet browsing, to watch a 15 second ad for every 15 minutes of access.

Later, Japan also kicked off the “WiFi everywhere” service subsidized by DoComo to the 820 cabs from the biggest and largest taxi company in Japan- the Tokyo Musen Cooperative.

Benefits of WiFi on board is that you’re able to offer high-speed wireless Internet access for your passengers easily for them not to get bored while they’re on their way to their destination they want to go.

If you’re stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic, why not try opening your gadgets and connect it to the free WiFi service of the 3G Taxi for the mean time. Instead of getting bored and murmuring why you were stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic, you’ll get entertained and instead of having a bad day just wish yourself a happy day.

So what are you waiting for?

Be among to connect online… on the road!.

Photos by: Leana Jan C. Candoleta

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