Peso-Net: new technology for a fast changing world

ASIA owns the biggest chunk in the pie of internet users in the world and Philippines is known to be as the top 6 among Asia’s highest internet users. There is an estimated 25,307,800 pinoys Facebook users. Majority of internet users in the country are young people, the school and internet cafe remains as the most popular access point especially among men and women. However, more male Internet users access the Internet from their homes and an average at least 14 hours a week the Internet user goes online because of e-mailing, browsing, instant messaging, accessing entertainment information, and reading news and it is the most popular Internet activities of a Filipino Internet user.

Nowadays, people in our country especially young people engage in using high technology devices such as laptops, tablets, and other new technology that are existing as years pass by. They usually go into the trending devices that have been invented yearly. By engaging into this kind of technology they could make their lives easier in making their tasks and even in communicating with other people specifically to their relatives and friends that are outside the country by utilizing computer with an internet connection. Through technology people will be able to fulfill their wants as they utilize into new gadgets like smartphones and android phones that could be helpful to some of them because of the accessibility and affordability when they use it.

Internet shops are the most popular business in the Philippines because it offers computer rentals with internet connection. Since Internet is being one of the necessities of many people these days, they are finding a shop wherein they can rent internet and computer because they don’t have it at home. One of those new discovered technology that has been a substitute to internet shops that offers a cheaper amount of money to indulge into internet which is known in the Philippines and it is literally called by the people as the Peso-Net or Hulog-hulog internet.

Peso-net is basically a merging of PC and Arcade rental service and it is a computer mounted and assembled in a wooden safe box wherein customers can pay the services by inserting coins to the machine. The rate is typically 4minutes per peso which also amounts to the typical Internet cafes rate of P15 per hour. This rate can be tweaked higher or lower either to be more competitive and entice customers or gain more income by decreasing the minutes per peso. With Peso-peso internet or hulog-hulog internet you can browse, stream videos and sounds, and play online games. But Peso-Net has been known first in Metro Manila in the early 2010 which was actually started as a business. But this new discovered technology has been widely spread all over the Philippines especially here in Iloilo City which was actually adopted immediately by the people. One of those places which had operating this kind of technology is in Jaro, Iloilo City, in which they have more or less 7 units of Peso-net which has a timer that is set in 6 minutes per one peso but it’s just similar as to the first setup of Peso-net which is 4 minutes per one peso.

The peso-net is compose of a monitor, CPU, an avr, a keyboard, a mouse, a timer, and a coin slot.

The peso-net is compose of a monitor, CPU, an avr, a keyboard, a mouse like a PC set but it has a timer, and a coin slot

These are the units of Peso-net that is located in Jaro, Iloilo City

These are the units of Peso-net that is located in Jaro, Iloilo City

The setup is rather simple with the bare PC parts are inside a wooden box similar to that of an Arcade machine or Videoke machine. Much like the Arcade machine, it is activated by inserting coin/s which triggers the machine. Once the time is consumed, the machine cuts off the display and will resume when a coin is inserted again. The bottom wooden part inside the machine has a carved hole to collect the coins.

Peso-net is a booming trend especially for Filipinos who wants to set up their own computer shop business but doesn’t have enough funds; this is the best offer for you. This is easy to maintain and has no need for an additional man power. It can be also easily set up just within your own backyard and could utilize the space readily available at your area. Also it’s a recession proof business, fast return of investment (ROI) as early as 3 to 4 months.

It has factors that could capture the attention of every individual that should indulge in using Peso-net because it offers a more flexible and affordable rate than traditional internet cafes offers. Majority of the users of this kind of technology are the young people especially the students that are fond of indulging into computer which they usually use the Peso-net in playing online games like League of Legends, Crossfire, and DOTA. Hence, through utilizing the Peso-net they will be able to access their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and even their Twitter account for only just one peso.

The League of Legends is usually played by most of the users of the Peso-net specifically the males.

The League of Legends is usually played by most of the users of the Peso-net specifically the males.

The benefit of Peso-net is it requires less effort to maintain unlike with the traditional Internet cafes. All the personnel need to do is to make sure that he/she has more than enough stock of one peso coins and units are pretty much on auto-pilot. Some of the Peso-net machine here in Iloilo City supports coin amounts bigger than a Peso which is actually the same rate when you insert five of the one peso coin which is actually equal to 20 minutes, so it can’t be a pain in the neck to drop a coin every now and then. As we know, internet cafes have a fixed rates and minimum minutes of usage, this makes for not-so ideal scenario for budget-conscious pinoys and although the rate is the same, Peso Net offers a much flexible alternative that most internet cafes don’t and that is to have more control on how much time and money a customer is willing to spend at a given time. What’s good with the Peso-net is it is secured while you get to give your customers the option to play on a staggered time basis based on what or how long he or she needs to play in the computer or use it online for any purpose. With the Peso-net, anyone and everyone can now have their Facebook account and use the service of the internet without spending so much renting in an internet cafe. The students may also benefit from this technology while they are using Peso-net because with just a short period of time they will be able to browse their researches and assignments through the use of the internet.

On the other side, this technology can also have a disadvantage which is the effects to the students’ performance especially on their academics in which it could cause them an addiction in playing online games, not in going to school anymore and could brought them into peer pressure because it has no time limit to the students unlike in the traditional internet shops that if it is class hour’s students are not allowed to go to internet shops and play online games. Most of the students especially the males tend to cut classes just to indulge into Peso-net by playing the arcade games that could satisfy them when they have achieve the goals of the game. They just get their allowances to their parents and go to the nearby community that has an operating Peso-net than going to school and to attend their classes.

Due to there is no personnel that is looking after the customer, some of the students engage into smoking while they are utilizing the Peso-net and they are able to speak inappropriate words to other people that is also using the Peso-net because of the reason that they have not win the game. But it only depends on the students on what they will be going to do just to overcome the addiction that was cause them by the Peso-net in which they could attend their classes again. In addition, some of the setup of the Peso-net doesn’t have a flash drive support and sometimes it doesn’t accept defective coins or what we call as bingkong money.

As an observation, this technology is also open to all users regardless their age, sex, and even family income. Even the small kids or the little ones tend to use it as they play games online like Friv, Y8 and other games intended for children for just inserting a peso that could made them happy even in a short period of time that they have utilize it. Also in some places that operate a Peso-net, the user has no privacy because there are people watching around them while they are using the Peso-net. Furthermore, it also makes the users to be wise in spending their money because they are able to control how much money they will be inserting into the machine and how much time they will be spending in order to utilize it and do all what they want to do.

Peso-net can make the lives of the people to be more easier in doing their tasks and spending their money wisely when they utilize this technology.

Peso-net can make the lives of the people to be more easier on their tasks and spending their money wisely when they utilize this technology.

Peso-net is an internet cafe on the run and in retail minutes made available to anyone who is looking to use it for a certain time at a cheaper option by minutes. Indeed, Peso-net is a cheaper way to go online.


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