“Masinag” Organic Fertilizer as the Most Powerful and Effective Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizers are major inputs for agricultural productivity. The use of petroleum-based chemical fertilizers has, however, increased farm production costs and reduced farmers’ income. Organic farming is now being promoted by the government to improve farm profitability as well as protect the environment. Research comparing three rice-production schemes – rice intensification, farmers’ practice, and balanced fertilization – showed that sustainable organic practices are feasible and will benefit small farmers. Organic farming can be more feasible and profitable when farmers produce their own organic fertilizers and botanical sprays.

Revolutionary Solutions Technologies and Products Inc. (RSTP) is a private company formed by corporate executives and entrepreneurs in 2007 for the purpose of developing and introducing organic products from renewable resources to help in maintaining a clean, healthy environment and in our own little way contribute to stop global warming.

The primary goal is provide farmers with technology that will drastically increase farm production while decreasing dependency on the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Studies have shown that extensive use of these synthetic chemical products in farming have damaging effects to the health of farm workers and consumers of produce. The banner product “Masinag” Liquid Organic Fertilizer has been proven to increase yield in rice and corn by an average of +30% while reducing the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticide by as much as 50%. “Masinag” has been certified by Landbank of the Phils. in its Technology Promotions Center (TPC) program as tested and validated by Central Luzon State University under the authorship of Dra. Nenita dela Cruz, PhD on soils. Masinag is a based-iquid fertilizer. It increase rice and corn yield by +30% and decrease fertilizer input cost by 10%-50%. It is very effective for 750.00 only. Masinag Organic Fertilizer is considered as the most powerful, most advanced and cost efficient organic liquid fertilizer. It is a soil enhancer, fertilizer and bio-control at the same time. It reduces or eliminates chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  It is a health and environment-friendly organic fertilizer.  “Masinag” Organic Liquid Fertilizer contains potassium and micronutrients that are essential in photosynthesis and other processes in plants and fishpond. “Masinag” restores the natural fertility of the soil by enabling the soil to regain and maximize its inherent biochemical properties for optimum growth and yield and protection for pests and diseases.


About the MASINAG (3 in 1) Organic Fertilizer

  • a liquid botanical extract, dark golden brown in color with natural herbal scent.
  • soil enhancer, fertilizer and bio-pesticide
  • alkaline-based, raise pH of soil
  • a natural disinfectant/repellant that repeals disease-carrying insects
  • inhibits growth or kills bacteria, fungi and virus
  • a natural decomposition accelerator and hasten mineralization of organic matter to optimize soil fertility.
  • it provides needed compounds, trace elements and micro-nutrients easily absorbed by plants for optimum growth.
  • 100% organic, non-toxic and environment friendly

Benefits in Agriculture and Fishery

  • Reduce/eliminate lime, chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improve microbial activities and soil fertility
  • Provides instant nutrition and control pests and diseases
  • Reduce cost of production by 30-50 percent
  • Increase production and income by 20-50 percent (rice, corn, sugarcane, pineapple, mango, watermelon, cassava, orchids, flowers, vegetables, palm oil, rubber tree, banana, cocoa, coffee, and fisheries).
  • Increase presence of beneficial insects and environment and improves health of farmers

CONTENTS : N = 1%, P = 2%, K2O = 2%,  Ca, S, B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Organic Matter.


According to Victor “Touch” Prodigo President (Association of Globally-Competitive Ilonggos for Environment and Enterprise) Masinag Organic Fertilizer is the advance and cost efficient in rice production technology. He is the supplier of the Masinag Organic Fertilizer in Iloilo and he is also the one that gives talk to every Barangays the goodness that the Masinag Organic Fertilizer brings to the farmers. Here the steps on how to apply Masinag Organic Fertilizer in Rice Production.

1.    The fertilizer application, recommendation and spraying schedule of Rice Production



Apply 15-20 sacks chicken manure or organic fertilizer

7 days before planting

Soak 1.2 sacks rice seeds (per hectare) with 1 liter Masinag and 100 liters water in 48 hours in 200 liters drum. Air dry sacks in 2 hours and broadcast in the field. Spray excess Masinag solution 7-8 days after.

For early germination

Dilute triple 14 (3 sardines), Urea (2 sardines), 16-20-0 (2 sardines) with Masinag (2 sardines) and mix with water in a 16 liter knap sacks sprayer

7-8 days after planting

Dilute triple 14 (3 sardines), Urea (2 sardines), 16-20-0 (2 sardines) with Masinag (2 sardines and mix with water in a 16 liter knap sacks sprayer

22-25 days after planting

Spray Masinag (1 sardine) in a knap sack sprayer

38 days after planting

Dilute triple 14 (3 sardines) with Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 (3 sardines) with Masinag (2 sardines and mix with water in a 16 liter knap sacks sprayer

48-50 days after planting

Spray Masinag (1 sardine) in a knap sack sprayer

2 weeks after flowering

Fertilizer requirement                                Kilograms  

Urea                                                              7

16-20-0                                                         10

Triple 14                                                        16

Muriate of Potash (0-0-60)                            5 _______________________________________________________

TOTAL                                                         38


  • Use 1.2 sacks rice seeds per one hectare
  • Use 7-8 Masinag Organic Fertilizer
  1. For Rice Ratoon Technology Guide



Cut plants 3-4 inches above the ground during harvest. 1-2 days after harvest, dilute triple 14 (3 sardines), Urea (2 sardines), 16-20-0 (2 sardines) with Masinag (2 sardines) and mix with water in a 16 liter knap sacks sprayer. Irrigate land with water after 1 day spraying.

1-2 days after harvest

Dilute triple 14 (3 sardines), Urea (2 sardines), 16-20-0 (2 sardines) with Masinag (2 sardines and mix with water in a 16 liter knap sacks sprayer.

15-18 days after ratoon

Spray Masinag (2 sardines) in a knap sacks sprayer and spray.

28-30 days after ratoon

  Fertilizer requirement                               Kilograms

Urea                                                             0.5

16-20-0                                                         0.5

Triple 14                                                         1

Muriate of Potash (0-0-60)                          0.5


TOTAL                                                         2.5


  • Use 3-4 liters of  Masinag Organic Fertilizer


In addition Masinag fertilizer is not only effective to rice plants but also to the other kinds of crops, like, okra, cabbage, mangoes, corns and many other kinds’ of crops.

Why Rice is important? Because of high domestic consumption of rice in rice-producing countries, the economic importance of rice differs from that of traditional exports. Worldwide, only 5-6% of rice is exported. Japan, for example, consumes their entire domestic production and has to import around 8% of their rice each year. However, this imported rice is not released to the domestic market, ensuring a high local price. Thus the pressures of world trade on these countries are not as great as for exported crops. It also makes these countries vulnerable to local catastrophes, such as crop failure due to inclement weather (eg too much or too little rain), pests (such as insect swarms) or diseases (such as rice fungal diseases).

Furthermore, because both rice growers and people who rely on rice for sustenance tend to be poor, there is a constant pressure from rice growers to keep prices as high as possible, and from consumers to keep the price low.This strain is in constant force in all rice-growing countries, but is particularly important in the poorest countries.

In 2002, SRI-Pilipinas, a consortium of farmers’ groups, civil society organizations, academics, and government researchers began functioning and initiated an on-line community that continues to expand. A series of national SRI workshops hosted by the Philippine Movement for Rural Reconstruction began in April 2002, with follow-up workshops in March 2003 and March 2004. SRI-Pilipinas subsequently launched a nationwide training program on SRI principles and practices, funded by the Department of Agriculture through the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). According to Roberto Verzola, the SRI-Pilipinas Network as of 2009 had held 50 trainings in 49 provinces throughout the Philippines which benefited an estimated 1,000 farmers. Between 2010 and mid-2012, SRI-Pilipinas has conducted around 120 trainings nationwide, each training attended by 20-25 farmers (see map below). During 2011-2012, the NGO PASALI, which has been promoting SRI in Mindanao since 2006, was selected to be the Department of Agriculture’s service extension provider for SRI in that part of the country.

ILOILO CITY, Nov. 13 – Farmers from the municipality of Barotac Nuevo are expecting a higher yield this second cropping with their shift in hybrid rice variety which they complemented with an organic fertilizer.

Barotac Nuevo is a second-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is also very productive in terms of Rice Production. According to Gil Villuanueva one of the farmer in Brgy Bungka, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, prove that Masinag fertilizer is the most powerful and effective organic fertilizer. He says that “engage in rice farming is not only for living but it is a business that need to observe and find ways where can gain more profit. He has been using Masinag for almost 3 years. According to his testimony he can spend less and save more when he discovers the Masinag fertilizer. He uses only 5 liters of Masinag per hectare unlike in abono he needs to use 8-9 sacks. He spends 3,750.00 for Masinag that is equivalent only for 3 sacks of abono. He also said that Masinag also help to lessen the number of pesticide. On the other hand Masinag is good if it will be mixed with a little amount of abono, the crops will grow faster and healthy.


His elder brother Larry Villanueva is also a certified user of Masinag organic fertilizer. He said that for all the organic fertilizer that he used only Masinag Organic Fertilizer make his profit higher. It is also environmental friendly because it doesn’t make the soil acidic.He considers Masinag the way to progress and success. Masinag Organic Fertilizer is the way to success for the farmers. They need to adapt to these new technologies for them to know and discover what is good for their plantation. Masinag people walk with sustainable agriculture and loving our mother Earth more. 89  

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