Development communication as an art and science of human communication.

Development communication as an art and science of human communication.

          According to Nora Quebral (1975) she defined development communication as the art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country from poverty to a dynamic state of economic growth and makes possible greater economic and social equality and the larger fulfillment of human potential.

Development communication is the art and science of human communication for its parameter grew out of the field of agricultural communication. Agricultural communication combines an education in communications and food and environmental systems to prepare students to navigate and communicate complex issues in food, agriculture and the environment which include under it apart from agricultural development, areas of national development such as population, nutrition, health education housing and employment.

Development Communication is communication with a social conscience. Development communication is primarily associated with rural problems, but is also concerned with urban problems.Development communication is an art and science of human communication which intended to promote human development, reducing, if not eradicating poverty, unemployment and other social inequalities. It is engaged not only in mere reporting of facts or opinions, but also in teaching the people and leading them to action. It imparts and shares ideas to nurture and cultivate the proper attitudes, skills and values that are needed to develop.Development communication is a communication science that assists developmental goals.

It born out of the need of people to be informed and educated. Social inequalities and poverty became the focus of political campaign platforms. After the elections, the people were left ignorant of the developments affecting them. Most of them were not informed of the issues that concern them. The result was severe poverty for most and affluence for the few. Development communication is meant to break the wall of ignorance, thus, breaking the bonds of poverty and oppression.


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