DEVCOM:Makes us Human

Nowadays, a lot of social issues are spreading worldwide; hence communication is in need to develop mental adjustment and mutual understanding from one another. As we define communication, it is a technical means of transmitting ideas, knowledge and information to a large number of people or to a certain person; it may be verbal or non-verbal ways. But what is the specific approach when it comes to people mobilization and empowerment through development works.

According to (Gonzales), a true development is people-oriented and participatory, bringing about people empowerment. It uses technologies in harmony with the environment.


In this connection, development communication is an art and science that serves as an avenue for people to be informed, educated and influenced with values that could alleviate their humanity. Hence, it requires a scientific process and creativity so that people will discover the systematic works of science and the persuading words of art, such as by making IEC (information, education and communication) materials for development activities to cater a certain community, with appropriate style and creativeness in writing.

Communication plays a decisive role in promoting human development in terms social and economic changes. As the world moves to a decentralized and greater democracy — changes really happen, thus development communication is vital to stimulate people’s awareness, participation and capabilities toward changes. Specifically, people in rural areas who are not yet totally exposed with the new ideas and techniques in dealing community’s issues should be informed. We should think out of the box so that people will enjoy while learning, for them not to be bored because their time is precious.

Indeed, development communication is an art and science of human communication because of the valuable information that leads to a greater interaction and stronger relationship among other people. Thus, development communication makes us human.


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