Development Communication: Significance in Popularizing Breakthroughs in Science and Technology

Science and technology, uplifting the today’s face of reality because of advanced innovations. It is one of the biggest factors why most of the societies today are progressive. Like Japan, despite of being a victim of the natural phenomenon and tragedies, they recover so fast and their development growth never goes down. Since it is under science, Development Communication has a very wide scope of work. Therefore it plays an important role in popularizing breakthroughs in science and technology.

            The rapid prevalence of ICT, it defined a new form of social underclass as demarcated by the digital divide between developed and developing countries. The need for ICT served economic, political and social justice. Development communication policy as a field has always been characterized by tension and conflict owed to a socially contextualized policy-making process and value-driven technologies. Communication has been framed within the ruling discourses on development paradigms along with the convergence of media and communication technologies and the rule of the market-based media structure.

            Developing countries today face a wide range of needs, from more secure food supplies to cheap and effective medicines. One factor that almost all these needs have in common is that satisfying them adequately will not occur without the use of modern science. From both points of view, development can be characterized as the process of putting scientific and technical knowledge into practice. Conversely, it is important that building the capacity to absorb and make use of scientific and technical knowledge must be placed at the heart of the development aid efforts if these are to be successful in achieving their goals.

            Development is such a big word for us to comprehend its truest sense. We can define development on our own.  Yet, true development can and will be measured through me and my community.


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