Development Communication Essential Component for Science and Technology


The biggest single factor determining any country’s potential for achieving sustainable social and economic growth is ability to access and apply the fruits of modern science and technology in a responsible manner.

Developing countries from  Eastern Europe as well countries in Central Asia  face a wide range of needs, from cheap and effective medicine and more secure food supplies. One factor that can satisfy these needs will be the use of modern science- such as genetically modified crops or how can these countries adapt to the impact of climate change- thus requiring long period of research and a adequate knowledge of different nature. Development can be characterized as putting both scientific and technical process into practice.

But knowledge will not reach those who can benefit from it unless it has been effectively communicated to individuals with the power and skills. Thus development communication became an effective tool to use. Scientists are recognizing the need not only to communicate more freely among themselves – hence the growth of the open access movement – but also to communicate the significance of their work to both policy-makers and to the general public, particularly when it has important social implications, whether for good or, potentially, for ill.

Development Communication play a bigger rule when it comes to science and technology nowadays. Through science will help address all issue of any country such a supply of food, economic needs and even scientific exploration. Communication initiatives have helped to foster recognition, in both political circles and the wider community, which good policy decisions must draw on robust scientific evidence in fields ranging from food security to climate change. The more solid the reasoning behind such decisions, the more likely they are to achieve their desired objective. Given the access to validated knowledge generated by primary research papers.



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