DevCom Heroes: Because It’s Your Right To Know


In the modern world, one is considered ignorant if he or she does not know anything about what’s happening around him or her. Especially when you belong to a kind of environment where people seem to feed on gadgets and other technological bling. It has been a psychosocial factor to the development of a person in a certain society. Being computer literate isn’t anymore the basic knowledge one should possess in order to be socially accepted. Today, one should be Internet literate in order to keep up with the pace of most of the world and enjoy the things he or she should be enjoying. But the truth to the fact is that not most of the world’s population is enjoying these breakthroughs of science and technology. Why? Because no one tells them. Because these type of information does not reach them. This is where the job of Development Communication comes in.

Through DevCom, secluded communities relative to the scope of information dissemination can now be reached. People of DevCom dedicate their time in spreading information to those who are usually the last to get them. In this case, breakthroughs of science and technology. They help the flow of significant information such as a newly discovered cure to what the less fortunate considered to be an incurable disease before. Another example would be informing them of the new ways to improve their livelihood through new technologies that are lucrative in the present market.

It is one thing to popularize the breakthroughs of science and technology among these people, and another to use these to improve their life situations. Breakthroughs may come and go. They may cost a fortune, but the value of what we DevCom people inculcate in their lives could only be measured through the heart.


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