The Significance of Development Communication in Science and Technology


As time passes, more and more innovations in the field of science and technology have been progressing and new discoveries from varied biological aspects have been revealed. Like for example, the innovative water filtration device, called the LifeStraw, that filters water without the use of any power source or harmful chemicals.

          There are simply so many discoveries every day, and each one of those new found revolutions could possibly help make life for a lot of people so much easier.

          Development communication is the careful construction of different informational communication materials to help spread awareness and promote social uplifting through these mediums to raise the socio-economic growth of a community or a country.

Development communicators are then the ones who search for different revolutionary discoveries that could help aid a striving community’s issue or problem. After seeing the problem and finding a solution to the issue, the development communicator must take action and devise a communication material that is well suited and appropriate for the product, advancement, or solution to the problem. The communication material must also suit its target audience or the people in the community. After showing which, the communicator must evaluate the effectiveness of their material and how the community reacted to its production.

In the work of development communication, nothing is really sure. The only sure thing in it is the willingness of an individual to make a difference and change lives; to hear the voice of the voiceless and try with its every power to speak it out loud.

Nothing will ever prepare anyone from ever knowing what is waiting in the future for us, but with the right push, maybe all of us, as one, could unite and live a life with far greater triumphs. That is what Development Communication is about, unity.

Posted by: Richelle B. Conanan


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