our significance to it…

Usually science and technology are for countries that are well off developed and practically speaking “RICH”. Only 1st world countries can afford to have them for they have funding, equipment, and resources as to those who are living in the third world lack these.

But nowadays many not-so-rich countries have entered the craze of the 21st century which is science and technology. Yes, even our own country has entered this, mostly on the technology part. Slowly many countries are joining the craze too; some goes off with a bang and some with a whistle. This is where development communication comes in. In need to be a better country they also needed to be developed, and in order for them to be developed they needed to have more knowing of the world, have more resources, equipment, etc.

It was with this in mind that the Science and Development worked as a tandem. In order for them to be as good as other countries they have to work (science and technology with Development communication) together. As a source of development, these country shows off their selves through the progress they have attained through science, what they know, what they’ve figured out, and what they have discovered. Another way of showing their development is through technology, many countries like Japan, shows their progress through this, like of the gadgets they have created, what they have invented from these gadgets etc. The role of development communication in meeting the needs of the developing world is crucial especially when they are at the verge of progress, and the roles of science and technology is also significant for these developing country as well.

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This is for the girl with the weird sense of humor; For the girl who likes sad songs and bittersweet fantasies; The one whose hamster got eaten by a cat, And the one whose report card boasts letters that dont get past the first letter of the alphabet. The one who wants her first kiss to be under the stary night; For the girl whose first love was a handsome football guy who broke her heart. --and her recent is more FORBIDDEN than TWILIGHT. Its for the girl who'd rather learn swearwords in Chinese than trigonometry, The girl who's not afraid to get her hands dirty at a formal dinner. It is also for the girl who'd kill to have a great body, Its for the girl who doesnt feel beautiful, And the one who gets everything she wants because she's too beautiful; For the one who believes life is one big ugly drama. For the girl who is always sad. The one who hated everyone but was loved back. the girl who cried with out any reasons. for the girl who gave help. --the one who needed all the help. and the girl who gave up herself. And the one who woke up and found she had everything she ever wanted.

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