Development Communication the art and science

Nora C. Quebral is a pioneering figure in the discipline of Development Communication in Asia and is often referred to as the”Mother of Development Communication”.

Nora C. Quebral defined development communication the art and science of human communication applied to the speedy trasformation of a counrty and the mass of the people from poverty to a dynamic state of economic growth that makes possible greater eqality and the larger fullfillment of the human potential.

Why development communication is an art? Development communication is art. Because it requires lot creativity in human communication. The messages through the use of different types of communication media and materials. The message must not be dull and boring but show clearly how the information transmitted will make a difference in the life of the recipient it must not instill doubt or disbelief, but trust and confidence. The process you use in communicating to your audience. Interaction you’ve done is called an art. Sample you conducting an interview, you are preparing your own questions what you going to ask to your target audience. How you create or construct your phrase questions.You can get the information throughout to it. Development communication can uses art form such as pupperty or theater. Can also apply to the use of slideset, a leaflet, a video presentation, a comics strip, a seminar,etc. Through the use of art it can help to do your task. Planning and designing your communication materials.

Why development communication is a science? Development communication is social science. It applies systematic methods in making decisions and planning how effectively carry out communication interventions. Number one is that you must identify the basic problem (problem identification), number two- you must gather data about the problem (data gathering). Lastly you must develop and test materials, methods,or new communication processes (hypothesis formulation).


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