Development Communication: Significant in Popularizing Breakthroughs in Science and Technology

Science and Technology has a great part in transforming our society, it plays an important role in our daily lives. Almost everything has been touched on what we called “Science and Technology”.
Science and technology development must meet the objective of sustainable socio-economical development that fast economical growth must come along environmental protection, social equality and maintaining national defense security.
But this days we people tend to neglect the importance of this that we almost destroy our society. In connection with this, Development Communication will now take part on this issue. Science and technology will have a tandem in Development Communication in order to have a progressive society.
We all know that Development Communication is defined as the art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country from poverty to a dynamic state of economic growth and makes possible greater economic and social equality and the larger fulfillment of human potential.
The significance of Development Communication is that it helps in informing the people about the importance of technology and what are the things that the technology could help on our daily life. It also makes us understand that technology could help in transforming our society into a better one.
Development communicators will let us understand how science and technology could help us in addressing the social issues in our society such us, poverty, education, employment, health, government, environment and many more. Communication will be a great tool in achieving this. Development communicator will share what they have learned, experience and the knowledge they have. Through this, people will be more aware on what was happening in the society and how they could address that issue. They will no longer be ignorant about it and they won’t blame the government on the things they are experiencing right now.


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