Science has been part of the changes when it comes to the development  to our society, especially to the technology that makes our life advance.

Development Communication plays an important role in popularizing science and technology, in a sense that, science is part of our culture and everybody has the right to be informed by this. People should know how to response on the development technologies, this is when Development Communication takes place in the picture to distribute the information to the public. So that, people would be aware that science may provide a new insight on how the world operates. Science Popularization is the tool to bridge the growing gap between society at large and the world of science.

However, not all people are knowledgeable, committed and has an interest to this. Therefore, it should have explanations on how things work and public would have an idea and be aware of it.

Development Communication as a tool for effective communication will help to change the perception or views of the public as well as  of the scientist to promote social change in the society by this popularization of science and technology.

One of the major challenges facing developing countries is to people to accept the science and technology as an essential part of their culture; to understand and to adapt  the changes that progress implies. Development Communication as a mean of knowledge contributes to reach the target audience on disseminating knowledge-information.


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