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Development Communication is now described as the science of human communication linked to the transitioning of communities from poverty in all its form to a dynamic, overall growth that fosters equity and unfolding of individual potential. ~Nora Cruz Quebral~

When we speak of development communication today, we are mainly concerned with the majority of people in the so-called developing societies, where in we are using communication as medium to know the main roots of the problem in the society and how this problem may overcome by the people in the societies.

We all know that the Mass Media has greatly influence our lives now a days, it has been an edged out by digital media, mobile media, and social media, where all of this is associated with the computer, broadband and internet. The information and communication technology has become portable, pocket-sized, personal, and affordable and give opportunities especially to the poor countries. The achievements that the development communication brings to us is that, it will keep us in touch to our family and business purposes, and it is also shown a capacity to inform people quickly and it is easier to spread a communication.

Development Communication may not always do research at all times but it should be understand the methods, strengths, and all the limitations to be able to use these findings intelligently. It is important that building the capacity to absorb and make use of scientific and technical knowledge must be placed at the heart of the development. Knowledge will not reach those who can benefit from it unless it has been effectively communicated to individuals with the power and skills to put it into practice.

Technologies have really had a big change our nature. It may lead to better societies or can destroy individual’s life. We must use our social media in good purposes!


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