Development Communication: An Art and A Science of Human Communication

Development Communication is a missionary work. It is a vocation. Being a unique profession, it is done with the art of creativity and the science that uses theories and principles. Development Communication is a profession which involves the blend of special knowledge and a practice of personal involvement to the people.

As an art, it uses the skill of a development communicator in writing and communicating in a way that is more understandable to everyone. It has been noted that most of all will learn more and imbibe it when it is presented in a creative and more innovative manner and style. What’s unique in development communication is having a strong social and cultural force with its care to the people that can help transform a society or even a nation. Striving to understand each event and giving a meaning to a life of the other.

As a science, development communication is scientific in outlook. It uses its theories and principles compassionately and making a stand dedicated concerning what is better to the people. It uses theories in analyzing and taking an act for improvement of a human life. Contributing to personal growth with its principles relating to moral values that shapes and expands other lives.

Development Communication is an art and a science of human communication, dominated by an ideal of service to the people in which theories and principles are applied with the creativity of interpreting her role with them. Encouraging and exerting an influence to the community in helping them to overcome their problems. Development Communication is consists of traits which come from the heart and which penetrate the real person when giving a magnetic influence on others. It is purposive, pragmatic and value laden. Development Communication practitioners speaks for development and along the process he became part of the development. This makes a Development Communication an exceptional one.


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