Development Communication: A Key to Human Development

According to Quebral(2006), Development Communication is “the art and science of human communication linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of individual potential.”

We live in a communication age, and the full impact of communication on development is just starting to be seen and we also live in a communication era, with rapid expansion in the reach of mass media, and improved techniques for the interpersonal exchange of ideas. Based on the experience of FAO and other agencies, communication for development has reached the stage where it can have a noticeable and rewarding effect on many development programmes.

We, as Development Communication practitioner, can help human communication through helping them to improved their communities first because change must first exists on our own homes. We are conducting events such as programs and activities that could enhance their human communication and their community as well. We’re doing it hand-to-hand in able for us to make even simple change that could lead to higher development.

Communication is the way, indeed the only way – we learn who we are … our sense of identity comes from the way we interact with other people. In short, the way we speak or talk to others simply defines ourselves. As a DevCom practitioner, we must also aware of what is happening to existing problems around us such as poverty, malnutrition and etc. We must know how to react on that certain problems because it defines who we really are.

Therefore, development really starts within us, and there would be no development if there is no communication. Development communication can improve activities at all levels, enhancing management, teamwork and the morale of personnel.

But being a Development Communication student is enjoyable, interesting, wonderful, and that is the main reason for being a communicator.

We're having a small talks with the senior citizens of Brgy. San Roque, Guiramas.

We’re having a small talks with the senior citizens of Brgy. San Roque, Guimaras. A simple example of human communication.


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