DevCom: It’s Significance in Promoting Technological Breakthroughs

We all know what communication is. Communication is the process of transferring thoughts, ideas, and information form a sender to the receiver. To put it simply, communication is sharing one’s thoughts to another. Development on the other end can be defined in many things. Development can be defined as change or improvement, with a purpose. Development can’t start if you can’t develop yourself. That is its principle. If we put it together, we will have development communication.

Now, what is development communication?

In the first paragraph, we can we can understand that development communication can be communication for change. Development communication can be interpreted as social change.

However, how is development communication related to breakthroughs in science and technology?

In the recent years, the world has been introduced with the latest in science and technology. One of these innovations is the Pebble smart watch. The person behind this innovation is Eric Migicovsky, an industrial-design student at Delft University of technology in the Netherlands. Pebble uses Bluetooth to connect to an IPhone or Android phone and displays notifications, messages and other simple data on its small LCD screen.

Despite all this, what is the significance of development communication in the promotion of this device?

Communication is involved everyday in our lives. Without communication, we cannot share our ideas and thoughts. Without development communication, innovations such as  the smart watch wouldn’t have been known to all of us.

It is important for all of us to know what is happening in our world today. We are grateful that we have development communication as the right tool for the job. Development communication can bring all other innovations to this world.


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