DEV COM as an art and science of human communication?

How Development Communication as an art and science of human communication?

Is it because Development communication deals more on about people.

Development communication itself requires people’s creative mind, imagination, ideas and thoughts in communicating. Development communication uses literal art forms such as in designs and plans.

According to Nora C. Quebral (1971), practicing the art of human communication not only entails the aesthetic designing and presentation of messages… it is also being creative in the practice of field such as in conducting interviews or in doing other challenging tasks in development communication.

As an art, Dev Com can also be mean as the ideas that people shares and contributed on how they will create various meaning to others lives. It is in the form of designing a communication on how to carry out or disseminate the messages effectively to the people. This kind of art is important in considering in communication because from this it may affect the behavior of the audience with regard on how the messages were brought to them.  It matters how audience attract and get their attention for them to decide and to know if he/she is willing to read  or to listen to the messages  that carried out for them. It is also important for the audience to understand what the message was.

Dev Com as a science, like what mentioned above that dev com as an art, of course it goes along with SCIENCE, because in dev com having creativity is not enough. Dev com is a step by step process in communication. Quebral stated that dev com is a social science. It uses scientific method to enrich its own field through research where theories and principles can be applied to development problems. In dev com theories and principles are important to solve development problems.


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