Dev Com as an Art and Science of Human Communication


                    “Life without communication is senseless”

Communication, the human connection is the key to personal and career success.

Looking back, the communication was not so satisfactory which resulted to countries slow or poor development. Now, development communication has been established to inform, to  influence, persuade, to be more understandable to the society/community.


Being a development communicator is more to be socially developed. We met different faces everyday, gone to many places to pursue our vision or purpose. In our case, we have our community immersion as given in our course. We evaluate the life and procedures of some people and learn from it. We learned different cultures, on how we address ourselves with others how to interact well, such a matter of well-being. Relate to a relationship, it’s not working without communication though the fact that you know that you love each other. See? How communication can travel in our own world? It’s an art because it changes people, their beliefs, advocacies and views. When you are a good communicator, you are not just molding others, yourself too. It deals with self actualization, self realization, good character and a great leader. Another, we’ve been to some radio stations for us to learn and experiment. From there we are foreseeing how to be a good media practitioners, the reason why we are there, how we spread the news firmly. Moreover, gadgets too has a big impact to the society nowadays. We can send “chismis” quickly, go with friends as far as we want, get through even you are miles apart. Before, it takes a Calvary to climb before you receive the message/information. But now, the development is on going. Us, Development Communicators. We, the recipient of purposive developers  are such the reflections of our National heroes that passed away.


One thought on “Dev Com as an Art and Science of Human Communication

  1. Hi. i was amaze about the post regarding development communication. As a student and currently studying development communication i would be delighted to know whom to talk to about this wonderful article. hope you get this message thank you. God bless.

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