Art and science for development communication

Communication is an art where in every individual can be a role model in every actions,opinions and ideas they shared.Aside from giving our thoughts to each other we are also building relationship that will last a lifetime sometimes we tend to communicate for the sake of having a conversation so that our time is well spent.We must communicate in the sense that we can change something for the better and not on pushing our idea to what we think is right even if its useless.Also, communication is a science that linked to a society’s planned transformation from a state of poverty to one dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equality and the larger unfolding of individual potentials, and as a development communicators we are trained to be an individual who can help to uplift the society with a broader knowledge and in  solving problems of one community we must know the grassroots where this cycle of poverty emerged.The degree we choose spoon feed us to know the basic principle of one development communicator and on how  to react in one certain situation that we didn’t expect to happen. Poverty is present in third world country it is a deeper issue than a simple lack of resources but a reality that strikes us and make us realize of what economic status we have right now. We helped the governments recognized the development they need to aim so that our country and the people will be able to support their basic needs which is the food,clothes and shelter.In this case we can say that we have cross the poverty line. Every one can  relate in this scenario that’s why many of us wants development and that is how development communication take its role to achieve speedy transformation and fulfillment of human potential.


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