… An Art and Science

Quebral (2006) gave explanation to Development Communication as an art and science of human communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country and the mass of its people from poverty to a dynamic state of economic growth that makes possible greater social equality and the larger fulfillment of the human potential.

Nora C. Quebral, tagged as the "Mother of Development Communication"

Nora C. Quebral, tagged as the “Mother of Development Communication”

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How is DevCom as an art and science of human communication?

It was stressed by Quebral that Development Communication should be accepted first before it can be used. Development communicators must always engage professionals, policymakers and administrators as they can be “just as resistant to change and as traditional in their ways of thought”.

As an art, DevCom is indeed given more emphasis as it can be exercised using different forms of media particularly, Social Networking in order to uphold the various plans and programs of the different developmental sectors in the nation to develop and organize the developmental thoughts and interests of the people may they be in a small or in a larger community.

Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology, Development Communication is bombarded by numerous opportunities to be more realized and become a more significant part of human communication. Quebral exemplifies how development communication can be very useful in development projects such as the promotion of the grain processing technology in the Philippines. Using different media, DevCom practitioners could be able to promote the up to date information in modern farming thus, will help contribute significantly to the farming industry.

Development Communication is audience-oriented. It covers not only the farmers of this country but also, it enables to uplift the lives of people in different conditions of the state. As an art and science, DevCom is now anchored with the innovation of modern technology. While technology innovates, DevCom is also moving forward.


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